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Three Ways To Reduce Stress In Your Business

It's Stress Awareness Day on November 2nd so here are JournoLink's top tips to help reduce your stress levels.

Here at JournoLink we know that running your business can be a stressful process.

We work with thousands of small businesses to help get them in the media and increase their exposure, but one of the main things we encounter when talking to business owners is that there is always an infinite number of tasks to complete.

With that in mind, and the stress it must cause you, we’ve noticed from our calendar that it’s Stress Awareness Day on November 2ndSo here are three of our top tips for reducing stress in your business.

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1)  A Tidy Desk is a Tidy Mind:

We’ve all been there when it seems like you have hundreds of tasks to complete and not enough time in the day.

Many small business owners we talk to are often limited on space- they might be using their kitchen worktop as their workspace or even their bedroom.

When you’re limited on space, and even when you’re not, the last thing you need is to have all your paperwork and notes in one unorganised pile.

Try to take about 30 minutes each day to ensure your desk or workspace is tidy- it’ll save you time when you’re searching for that one piece of research you just put down.

2)  Organise All Your Calls Into One Block:

Getting clients is key to any business- it’s how you pay the bills right?

That’s great, but what happens when you actually have to service them and do the work they’re paying you for?

If you’re constantly flicking between client work and calls with new leads you’ll end up being inefficient and overstretching yourself.

A better way would be to organise all your phone calls into one block each day, so that once they’re done you can get back to your work.

Of course it’s not always possible, and there will be times that some calls need to be at different times, but if you can group as many together as possible you’ll become much more efficient with your time, and it will help to reduce your stress levels.

3)  Spend The Last 30 Minutes Of Your Day On Something Non-Business Related:

For many of the business owners we talk to their business is their world, so they find it hard to switch off.

However, after a period of time you start to burn out, so taking a break from the business is essential from time-to-time.

Maybe go out with your friends or see family?

If you spend the last 30 minutes of your day on something non-business related you’ll definitely help reduce your stress.

Before you go to bed read a book, listen to some music, or do something that takes your mind off work. This will help you get a better sleeping pattern as well as reduce your stress levels.

These three tips are based on our experience from working with thousands of small businesses, but of course you will know what stresses you the most and what you can do on top of these tips to reduce your stress levels.

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Written by: Ben Caine, Copy and Content Writer

As a former journalist, Ben helps businesses using JournoLink to write their content, including press releases.

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