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Four Reasons Why PR Needs To Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

For many outsiders the role of PR in a marketing strategy is perhaps a little bit misunderstood. Here are 4 important reasons why PR, and creating a relationship with the media, is an important component of your marketing strategy.

It’s pretty safe to say that marketing is universally accepted as important for business growth. But for many outsiders, the role of PR in that marketing strategy is perhaps a little bit misunderstood.

People often float the term, ‘that’s good PR’. But what is PR actually good for?

Here are 4 important reasons why PR, and creating a relationship with the media, is an important component of your marketing strategy:

1)   Speculate to Accumulate:

In other words, PR is a worthwhile investment. This doesn’t have to be a budget-blowing expense though if you’re watching the pennies.

Positive media coverage as a result of your PR strategy is very cost effective, as it’s basically ‘free advertising’ that will reach a huge readership if shared effectively online.

Compare this to the price of buying an advert, which doesn’t necessarily capture the attention of your target audience.

Press coverage that subliminally reminds people of your brand’s credibility will reap more rewards than an advert ignored amongst hundreds of others.

2)  Give your Brand an Ego Boost:

A crucial ingredient to success is brand recognition. Without a PR strategy your exposure will be restricted. Give your brand the chance to be admired!

More importantly, however, your PR strategy allows your brand to be admired by the right people. Rather than just hoping that your story falls into the lap of the right audience, you need to take it to them directly.

A PR strategy allows you to target your press releases to the people that can actually do something with it, rather than publications of no relevance to what you are your business do.

Find out to write a good press release.

3)  Seize the Moment:

Having a PR strategy allows you to constantly tap into media trends, and keep your foot in the door with all major news pieces in your industry. The more you position yourself as an expert in your field, the more your business will be valued as a trustworthy and credible source.

Appearing in the media keeps your business relevant, and relatable. Don’t waste an opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of a current events story, and join in the conversation.

Journalists can be much more easily persuaded to write about your brand if it informs on a topic that’s selling like hotcakes- remember they need you too!

4)  Time is Money:

Investing in PR means that you can constantly chip away at getting your brand image known, rather than doing a half-hearted job. Without attention to PR, stones will be left unturned, and opportunities to make your business newsworthy will be missed.

Marketing is only fully effective if it is consistent and unrelenting- a brand must be at the forefront of its customers’ minds when they think of that product.  And so, building a relationship with journalists and consumers is no secondary task.

Don’t waste any opportunity to get your voice heard!

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Written by: Victoria Murphy, PR Intern

Victoria is a final year student at the London School of Economics. Her background is in political campaigning, and she understands the importance of a good strategy.

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