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4 skills & qualities learnt at JournoLink

Jez came for work experience at JournoLink to learn more about PR and startups. The work experience gave him an insight into the business world and what top skills and qualities help to form us at JournoLink.

As a student on work experience, I came to JournoLink to learn more about PR and startups. What I discovered is that the PR world is very accessible. Although I am entirely inexperienced in PR, I discovered the concept of JournoLink was in fact a simple one, easy to comprehend and use.

At JournoLink I’ve learned that it takes a lot of different skills to accomplish what is needed to run a fully functioning business. By working alongside the team and helping them out with some of their work I learned how to write a press release, tailor it to suit the intended audience and get to grips with the business side of the company.

The work experience gave me insight into understanding the business world. Here are four main skills and qualities that I realized helped form JournoLink:

1.  Communication/Small Talk

I went along to a networking event in the same co-working space that JournoLink is based in and I realised that I did not find it easy to converse with the people there. Some of the team seemed to be much better at networking than me and were able to quite easily take on this engaged persona. However superficial it may seem, one just needs to go for it – whether that be with a gargoyle or Gandhi. Having a certain amount of confidence when speaking naturally makes everything seem more verified. This same skill can be applied in many settings – for example, when I accompanied the co-founder of JournoLink to a meeting where he confidently explained the product to a potential client.

For those who would be looking for ideas to approach people when networking, we share our tips in our blog about the power of the network.

2.  Designing

The favourite part of my work experience was designing a number of posters and infographics. While I was working on them I found it interesting that I had to stick to a lot of different criteria; such as keeping the balance between being informative and creative. All the while making sure I was keeping in line with the style and branding of JournoLink.

3.  Writing

As JournoLink’s services include writing press releases for clients, I had a go at trying this. Despite the fact that I could not spread the work like the apostles, I did learn the importance of appropriate wording and getting the point across. This same skill is transferable in writing blogs – especially when deciding what to write and making sure it maintains the interest of the reader.

4.  Research

During my time at JournoLink, I did a fair amount of research. I was trying to identify businesses that might be interested in partnering with JournoLink or one of JournoLink’s clients. While doing this, I realised that what I lack in omniscience, I made up for in research. By this I mean that if you look hard enough, more often than not, you can find what you are looking for.

Written by: Jezian Tudor, joining the JournoLink team for his work experience to delve into the world of a small PR related business. In the time he spent with us he explored different aspects of JournoLink and provided constant laughs for the office.

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