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How PR can benefit a crowdfunding project

Crowdfunding or similar projects are considered a little bit new in the world of business, if not a little bit trendy as well. Just like any new project and product, there needs to be the marketing that gets behind it and pull it into the limelight. PR for Crowdfunding project is one of the great ways of doing it.


Crowdfunding or Kickstarter projects are considered a little bit new in the world of business, if not a little bit trendy as well. For those who don’t know specifically what is involved; it’s a platform to pitch a unique idea of a product or service and to gain coverage for it so that this idea can become a reality when it reaches its full funding. Everyone has the opportunity to donate whatever sum of money he or she deem to be suitable for the project and help it grow in popularity. The projects can greatly vary in their categories, whether it is technology or theatre or so on, the ideas for projects can be often really interesting and unique.

Just like any new project and product, there needs to be the marketing that gets behind it and pull it into the limelight and PR is one of the great ways of going about this. Here are our top tips for why PR can help a project like this.

And if you are still wondering if PR is worth being part of your marketing strategy, you can read our blog explaining why it should absolutely be. 

1. People in PR already have connections to the right people.

They already know journalists who specialise in different topics and they know who the right blogger to approach is. The big influencers in that subject can be targeted to get the word spread out faster.  People in PR have more leverage in social media because of these already established connections so it really saves you the time having to search out for them yourself and solely relying on already-made connections. With a PR company behind you for support, you can concentrate more of your time to focusing on other aspects of the project knowing that the PR side of things is in good hands.


2. You can achieve a different cover angle for your project.

Using people in PR to cover the news that surrounds your new project can be beneficial because of the way they go about getting that news content out there. Someone who specialises in that specific subject field will be more knowledge than you about when the peak time for the coverage is and which platform should be used to increase coverage for your desired target audience. Maybe you’re not best at selling but getting a PR professional to handle this for you, you’re securing yourself a much better chance for your project to gain the positive coverage that it needs.

3. You can create stronger strategy and timely plans from the help of those in the know.

People who specialise in PR generally have a better understanding of timelines and strategy plans. It is imperative that you research and seek out a good time to announce your project and campaign to the public. By having a PR team to help you with this you can be rest assured that they’ll have done their research and will know when the best time for coverage is. If you were to be using the JournoLink calendar you could easily spot when important events are coming up and use these to your advantage by presenting your campaign on a date that is linked in.

With any new project it is important to accept your strengths and your weaknesses for what they are and to always seek advice from a professional when possible because no one wants to give the wrong impression and to make themselves look like a fool who didn’t plan their project correctly!


Written By: Claire Eggleshaw Redoutet, Marketing Intern

Claire is our blog and enewsletter editor, she fundamentally helps us maintain the more social media aspect of JournoLink. As a new member of the team, she hopes to gain experience whilst also helping us connect to the wider public.



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