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Send your next product launch off the shelf with a winning PR strategy

From launch features to gift guides, targeting both consumer and business publications, here’s three things to consider when you’re launching your next product when using a PR strategy.

When launching a new product, a PR strategy is a great way to get it flying off the shelves or have consumers filling up their baskets with your brand. There are many different ways to get yourself, your business and your new product noticed. From launch features to gift guides, targeting both consumer and business publications, here’s three things to consider when you’re launching your next product…

The Launch Press Release

The launch press release is the first impression and therefore a key element to starting your PR strategy. It is a chance to really make the journalist understand what your product is and why it is different. Keep it simple, straight to the point and highlight the gap in the market that your product fills. For example, t plus drinks distributed their launch release via JournoLink: Introducing t+. 'The smarter tea'. Here, they illustrated how they are the UK’s first range of vitamin-enriched green tea, to show the product is unique. They also gave a short description of what the product is and what is does, giving the journalist a clear idea about whether it is relevant for their publication and target consumer.

From their initial press release, t plus drinks’ product launch was featured in industry magazine FoodBev: T Plus aim to make a splash with product relaunch

If you are still confused about what to put in you press release, you can also have a look at our specific blog post giving our best tips to write a good press release.

Gift Guides

Gift guides are a great way to get your product in front of consumers, and can boost your sales too. Gift guides will feature an image of the product, a description, the price and where it is stocked (if it is an online feature they will often put the website link - bringing the customers straight to you!). Whether it's based around an event, such as Mother’s Day, or a weekly round-up, journalists will always be looking for new and exciting products, so make sure your email reaches their inbox and you are keeping an eye out for editorial requests.

It is also important to remember, even if your product isn’t chosen for the initial feature, a journalist may come back to you another time. For example Spice Kitchen UK originally responded to a request for Mother’s Day, although this gift guide didn't go ahead, they were later featured on About Time’s weekly product guide, Tasty Tuesdays: TASTY TUESDAYS: 10 FOODIE PRODUCTS YOU NEED TO BUY THIS WEEK


Reviews are a great feature for new products, especially in the technology industry. Journalists will give their honest review of your product, giving the consumer a reliable opinion. Target publications that already write reviews and that are relevant to your product, but make sure you do your research before offering to send your product directly. However, sending products doesn't always guarantee coverage, so sometimes it can be better to first approach the journalist to ask if they would be interested. Vice versa, journalists may ask you to send them the product to review, and although this is usually a great opportunity, you need to make sure the publication has the target audience for your brand and remember, it's OK to say no to coverage if you feel it isn’t right for your business.

After releasing their launch press release, New and trending device for all urban runners, skate boarders, rollerskatersRunners Bell had a review feature on OMQ Fitness Magazine: RunBell is a sleek new gadget helping runners get through the crowds


Written by: Camilla Holroyd, Media Relations Executive

Camilla is the all-important portal between JournoLink's businesses and journalists; connecting them on a daily basis through press releases, Twitter engagements and editorial requests.


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