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How to be mindful with your online brand persona on social

Here are four great PR tips your business can start implementing today to improve your online brand persona, and your social media presence all at once.

As much as one wants to post content out to the world on social media, we all have to be a little careful about what kind of content we are posting and ensure it’s suitable for our target audience. By investing time into content planning, the distribution of it and the target audience it's aimed at; you can create the perfect online brand persona. 

Here are four great tips your business can start implementing today to improve your online brand persona, and your social media presence all at once.

1. Draft your content

First, it’s best to have some form of plan and first think, what do you want to portray through your online brand persona? What are your goals and which social media platforms do you want to prioritise? What tone of voice does your brand want to use, chatty and informal or corporate and serious? Once you have planned this stage it will be easier to consider the other components that make-up your online presence.

2. Timing is everything

Once you've planned your content, you will need to work out what your optimal times on social are (times that will impact your target audience the most). Get on top of distribution by setting up scheduled posts, this will save you crucial amounts of time. You should also be scouting the news for events that are relevant to your brand so you can create and release content around these, for maximum exposure. You can do this by taking a look at the JournoLink Calendar to see upcoming events that suit and interest you.

And to learn more about how to use a business calendar, you can read our post on the topic.

3. Engaging with your audience

Connecting with consumers via social media is key to creating a personal link between brand and potential customer, and is the perfect way to make people feel more involved. Whether it's answering a clients query or responding to something they may have negatively commented on, it all adds to that personal touch; you’re listening and want what’s best for them. This will create a feeling of loyalty; over time you will gain followers who regularly connect with you and this will go in your favour.

4. Using the right tools

With the right set of tools, you can monitor almost anything and everything that is being said about your brand online. There are also plenty of options, in terms of measuring analytics, to choose from to fit your needs, such as HootSuite and Google Analytics. 

We have listed 5 great online tools to use for your PR in a previous post. Click here to find out which ones.

Investing in your online brand persona can really help you work towards the goals within your marketing strategy, and with the above four points in mind, your social media efforts will be paying off in no time!

Written By: Claire Eggleshaw Redoutet, Marketing Intern

Claire adds and contributes to our online material such as blog and twitter posts, she fundamentally helps us maintain the more social media aspect of JournoLink. As a new member of the team, she hopes to gain maximum experience whilst also helping us connect to the wider public.

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