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4 reasons to invest in PR for your small business

Four great reasons why you should start putting PR at the forefront of your business goals and see what a difference press coverage can make to your small business growth.

You have heard about PR but you are still wondering if it worth it? Here are four great reasons why you should invest in PR for your small business, and see what a difference press coverage can make to your small business growth.

And if it's sounds too scary to you, follow the guide to start a PR strategy, it's actually pretty simple!

1. You haven’t shared your startup story yet

It’s been almost 6 months since you launched and you’re yet to share your startup story to the world. You’re passionate and driven about what you do, so why not share your story with the public? Stories that inspire others, such as starting up your own business, will naturally make for a good read, and also provide a starting point to introduce yourself to your target publications and the journalists writing for them. 

2.  You’ve yet to expand on your marketing plan

A lot of small businesses will put social media, advertising and e-newsletters at the head of their marketing plan, but what they’ve forgotten about is PR and when done well, the rewards it reaps. Marketing is key to any business and putting PR at the forefront of your strategy can generate leads, increase brand exposure and create content for all of your other marketing efforts. For example, a social media update on the coverage you landed in The Times last week would do pretty well on Twitter, don’t you think?

3.  You haven’t seen your brand featured in a publication since 2014

The last time you saw your business featured in the press was one too many months ago and you either don’t remember how you got the feature, or can no longer afford the agency that got it for you. No matter what the reason was, there’s no doubt there’s been news within the business since then that could have been turned into press content. So instead of letting your news stories and potential coverage opportunities go to waste, focus on what’s going on this week that could make for an interesting read. Remember, if it has a human interest angle and is relatable to both the journalist and the public, then it’s a definite go-ahead.

4.  You’re hosting an event next month and could use some help with promotion

Promoting an upcoming event is a lengthy task to have on your plate as a small business owner and with personal invites, social media marketing, e-invitations and plenty more on your To Do List, you’re going to need all the help you can get. But what you didn’t know is that a small amount of time dedicated to writing a press release can make a huge difference to both your brand and event exposure.


It’s time to stop leaving PR by the wayside and start prioritising your brand so it can finally get the credit it deserves.

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