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Why you should be using PR as a marketing tool today

Small business owners often spend large amounts of money on marketing tools and strategies, but what if they were told that media success does not translate to widespread recognition or even business credibility?

Small business owners often spend large amounts of money on marketing tools and strategies, but what if they found out that marketing success doesn't always result in widespread recognition and brand exposure? Let's look at how PR can be an important part of your marketing plan this year, and help you reach those 2016 targets.

Firstly, your credibility as a brand and a business owner is key to any buying decisions; more so than in the purchasing of advertisement space in a national paper. Try not to shy away from opportunities that arise which allow you to give opinions on a matter that may not be directly related to your business. The chances are, if your opinions are of value to a journalist, then your business will naturally strengthen in validity.

Your next step? Getting into the habit of writing press releases. These will develop your exposure amongst relevant journalists and target publications, and if you are updating press contacts regularly, you will no doubt become memorable. When a journalist remembers your name and they're next in need of a spokesperson within your industry, you will be first person on their call list. 

Lastly, try and connect with journalists by telling a story; your founding story, an upcoming product launch, or a recently agreed partnership. If your press release offers a human interest angle then a journalist will be more likely to relate to it, and you’ll be more than halfway to reaching the public's eye. 

If PR sounds good to your business but not good to you, no panic, it's not that hard. Have a look at our blog post here explaining where to start.

Written By: Asena Yaman, Communications Manager

Asena is the voice of the customers at JournoLink; as well as keeping our Blog up-to-date she focuses on the happiness of our clients and educating our businesses on how to get the best out of their PR.

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