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3 ways to start implementing PR into your daily routine

3 easy hacks to help you actively PR your business and save time whilst doing so.

To have any spare time left in the working day can be precious for a small business owner and as the pressure increases throughout the week, marketing strategies such as PR tend to be left by the wayside. So here are 3 ways you can actively PR your business on a daily basis and save time whilst doing so...

1. Monitor #JournoRequest at least 3 times daily to source key PR opportunities

Log on to Twitter and type in #JournoRequest into the search bar. Here you will see real-time requests sent direct from a range of journalist’s personal accounts asking for your help on an article/project they're working. Reply to the requests that are relevant to you and your business as soon as you can and you may find a Google News Alert pop-up in your inbox next week!

You want to get to the journalists before your competitors, right? So check this hashtag at least 3 times a day by following a regular schedule such as 9am, 12-2pm, and before the end of the working day, 4-5pm. Don't assume journalists go quiet on the weekends either; a host of journalists and bloggers work odd hours so be sure not to miss out on Saturday and Sunday requests - if you're busy on the weekend then you can catch up by doing a quick Twitter search first thing Monday morning.

Once you've replied to a journalist, you may receive some form of engagement in return - be it a reply, favourite, retweet or direct message - this is prime time to follow them on Twitter as it shows them that you're keen to engage further and you're an active user. They'll like your energetic approach and may even remember you at a later date. Remember, this is a great time to start building those all-important relationships (have that Little Black Book at the ready!).

2. Follow key publications in your industry by utilising Twitter Lists

Research key publications in your industry; these will cover relevant topics, news and businesses within your sector, they will range from print to digital, radio to TV, and will be an ideal outlet for your business to be featured in. Compile what you find into a Twitter List to see a new, tailored-to-you news feed, filled with relevant industry news that you should engage with on a regular basis.

In your new-found list you can find inspiration for next week’s press release. Why not create a news release as a responding comment to any articles find that are related to your product/service? This is also a useful tool to discover and engage with businesses in your industry that could lead to future partnership opportunities (partnerships are very good for your PR). There are many ways to utilise Twitter Lists, it's just a case of working out what works best for you. 

How to setup a Private List on Twitter: Go to your profile > Click ‘Lists’ (‘View lists’ on mobile) > Create new list > Set to Private. 


3. Track online coverage by setting up Google News Alerts

Set up alerts on your company name - Google will scan the internet for all articles mentioning your business name and deliver them into your inbox on a daily/weekly basis. This will alert you to any online coverage you may have missed and also encourage you to share on social and screenshot the article so it can be saved in your coverage folder for future self-promotion.

Once you've mastered the habit of monitoring your online coverage, set up alerts on the company names of your competitors and on industry keywords (consider referring to your SEO keywords). That way you can be one step ahead, or least keep track of your competition and find out what events they're attending, where they've been mentioned on social, and what brands they're partnering with next.

With those 3 key tips to implement PR in your daily routine, you will quickly get ideas for your next press releases. And if you don't know where to start with that, have a look at our guide explaining everything you need to know when writing a press release.



Written By: Isabel Suddek, Marketing Executive

Isabel is the creativity behind the JournoLink movement; currently implementing new strategies for marketing and social media, she aims to take the company's brand profile to new heights in 2016.




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