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3 best pieces of PR advice for your small business

All small business owners know the feeling. Am I going to land that sale today, and am I ever going to get paid for it? If not, where is next month’s salary bill going to come from? It is a constant battle of cash in, cash out, filling in forms, and of self-belief. So, where in that mix is PR?

Let’s come from two key angles. The more my brand gets recognised, the more sales enquiries I will get, and the more people say good things about my brand, the more sales I will close. That is PR in a nutshell, although, for many businesses PR often sits on tomorrows ‘to do’ list.

‘Piece of advice number 1’:

For one day a week, put PR at the top of the ‘to do’ list, and actually do something about it. That may be issuing a press release, it may be writing a blog, or it may be using a social media platform like Twitter for ten minutes.  It is important to do something to shout about your brand. Having said that, the immediate pushback is, ‘what, how and when?’

‘Piece of advice number 2’:

Don’t be too shy to get some help. Most business owners are really good at what they do. That is why they are still in business. However, PR is often a discipline that businesses are not familiar with. Just as an accountant is hired to sort out the numbers and a solicitor is engaged to sort out any legal problems, PR companies are there to advise you on when and how to create and implement a strategy. Which company you choose will depend on your budget, however there is no need to spend thousands of pounds each month on a retained PR agency.

‘Piece of advice number 3’:

Getting an independent trusted third party to say nice things about your brand, in either a newspaper or an online site, will pay huge dividends. When you spin out your press release every month or so, make sure it is really interesting and engaging. It might be a provocative issue you write about, or how your exports have just doubled and you are leading the country out of the recession. Or it could be a mention of the famous face that supports your brand. Whatever you write about, make it something that even you would comment on or share with your friends in the pub if you read it.

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