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How to overcome procrastination

Sometimes tomorrow won't do. Find out how to stay productive during your day.

Procrastination. We all do it. More often than not, there comes a point during the day where we find ourselves mid-sip, day-dreaming into space or staring blankly out of the window for no apparent reason. 

Here are some ways to help you avoid wasting precious minutes during the day wondering whether you'd prefer chicken katsu curry for lunch or that new sushi bar that opened down the road!

1) Get to know yourself

Figure out what it is about the task that makes you procrastinate so much. Are you anxious? Afraid of failing? Do you lack in confidence or second guess your abilities? The quick solution to this is usually to make sure you're getting enough sleep (8 hours if you can fit it in!) so your mind is fully recovered from the day's mental ping-pong. Having enough rest can have a dramatic affect on your levels of productivity allowing you to rationally and intelligently deal with the tasks you set yourself.

2) Reassess tasks

If procrastination is something you find yourself doing regularly then there could be no better time to reassess your tasks. Keep nothing in your head, write it all down on paper where it belongs.  Start by grouping your tasks into two groups. The first group of tasks will be those you know you can achieve. This will build your confidence and keep you motivated to battle through the rest of the tasks. Split the second group of tasks into small and manageable chunks, allowing ample time for completion.

3) Take five

Taking breaks may sound and look exactly like procrastination, however, short bursts of five minute breaks every half an hour can make all the difference to your levels of productivity and motivation. Take a walk to the water dispenser or step outside for some fresh air.

4) Be realistic

When running your own business, it can sometimes feel like a juggling act. Set yourself reasonable and achievable targets. Making promises to yourself and not keeping to them can be detrimental to your self-belief and productivity. 

5) Schedule clear out!

Create a schedule that allows you to be flexible with your time. Wherever possible, slot in some 'me' time where you are able to do the things on the side you really love, whether that be painting, going for a jog or cooking with some friends. This will not only make you feel like you have a life outside of work, it will help increase your levels of endorphins and decrease the negative effects of stress caused by one heavy and overwhelming schedule.

6) Release the pressure

When we tell ourselves we "must" or "have" to do something, we are giving ourselves no choice, which some say can spur on further procrastination. Instead of "must", why not say "I will" or "I choose to". Including these words into your vocabulary will help to change the way you think about the tasks ahead. Keep in mind a little patience also goes a long way, after all, Rome wasn't built in a day.

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