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Social Enterprise UK has partnered with JournoLink

Social Saturday on 10 October is the perfect opportunity to showcase what great work social enterprises do.

Social Enterprise UK has partnered with JournoLink to help all their members with PR. Getting your stories into the media, and putting your small business on the map for journalists looking for ‘Social Spokespeople’.

It is no coincidence that enterprises with an external profile attract funding more successfully, and gain better support from key influences.

So, simply click here to see how SEUK and JournoLink can help you.

With a month to go, here are JournoLink’s top five tips for you to get the great things that you do into the headlines.


 First, understand the benefits of media coverage. It will help to profile what you do and boost interest from your potential ‘customers’. It is hugely motivational for your employees and volunteers. And it will increase the chances of funders, local authorities and grant providers supporting you.


Now, don’t be shy!

Every social enterprise has a great story to tell and a journalist somewhere who wants to shout about it. But you have to find them, and hook them. (That’s where SEUK and JournoLink can help you)


  The one story theme that all will want is ‘The Difference That You Make’. Statistics, case studies, individual good news stories. Be proud of that difference. Whilst it may be business as usual for you, it won’t be for many. So put your neighbours’ hats on for a moment and reflect on what they would think….if you smile, that’s your story.


Good headline, edgy and compelling. Good first two sentences to hook in the reader. Then a concise and relevant body to the story with a couple of quotes. One from you and one from a local dignitary. Maybe a local MP or County Councillor. Journalists may well have their antennae up for what they are saying.  And a good image. Make it high resolution and relevant. Think….would you use the picture if you were the journalist?


 The right hook always lands a punch!  So identify the news hook that will land your punch. October 10th is there for you right now. The BBC is already looking for some good case studies to use in the week leading up to Social Saturday, and local journalists will be keen not to miss out too.

Social Enterprise UK and JournoLink are there to help you.

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