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8 habits of highly effective business people

Find out eight habits that contribute to the effectiveness of highly successful business people.

In an ever changing society where we are forced to work longer hours to achieve more goals at a faster rate, it can be easy to feel like you will never get that promotion or see the results you desire due to lack of motivation and productivity. Here are some useful characteristics of highly effective business people we think can be adopted in order to improve your professional life.

Habit 1 -  Imagination:  Imagination is a powerful tool when journeying up the ladder to greatness. Using your imagination to visualise where you would like to see your company before year’s end is a the first step to start injecting some major motivation and productivity into your working week.

Habit 2 - Proactivity:  One of the habits of highly effective people is to focus their attention on the long-term and how actions that are being carried out now will benefit them in months or years to come. They work at improving their lives by being key decision makers to which external forces must react. Effective people never cease to believe there are always solutions to problems that occur, they make the effort to resolve issues where others believe they have no other choice but to accept their fate.

Habit 3 - Prioritising: An essential habit of highly effective people is to prioritise their To Do lists. Evaluate your To Do list every week and decide what will be the most valuable use of your time. Keep looking back at this list to ensure you are not being side-tracked by something else. There's nothing worse than having what feels like a thousand tasks looming over your head and not completing any of them.

Habit 4 - Positivity: Whether you are a manager, managing Director, CEO or an office assistant, think about how your attitude in the work place affects those around you. You may not realise that continuous moans and groans during the day will eventually demotivate your team members and have adverse effects on levels of productivity. If you think positive, you will have positivity.

Habit 5  - "The art of conversation lies in listening", Malcolm S. Forbes. How would we ever be able to succeed without listening to those who have already succeeded? The art of being a highly effective person is to listen to what you hear and to learn from other people's mistakes as well as your own.

Habit 6 - Win-Win mentality: Everyone wants a piece of the pie, right? Highly effective people understand that a ''win-win' mentality involves being confident, yet empathetic, courageous, yet considerate. They understand success is the result of a mutual benefit between both parties. Having a win-win state of mind often results in valuable and long-term partnerships.

Habit 7 - Reevaluation: Reevaluating your business is important when it comes to keeping up to date and modern in your approach. This may only have to happen once or twice a year as you find you need to redesign your website, or edit some information as changes occur. Continue to look for ways your business can uphold a fresh, modern and social-media savvy image.

Habit 8 - Raise that pulse: If there is one thing highly effective people incorporate into their daily life, it's putting on that sports gear and doing some exercise. Whether it be an early morning run or attending an evening gym class, or even going for a refreshing, brisk walk at lunchtime. All too often we neglect our health and the importance of exercise for our body AND mind.

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