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Why most SME's should consider PR

Why most SME's should consider PR

The importance of brand identity for an SME cannot be understated. Traditionally, word of mouth was how a new business established itself and its reputation, and it is fundamentally no different in today's fast-paced world. Word of mouth and recommendation from friends and acquaintances has taken on an entirely new dimension however, as many of you with Facebook friends will no doubt be aware! Here are the reasons you should definitely use PR for your SME.

Whilst the quality and credibility of the message is still as important as ever, the quantity of your output is also becoming a significant factor you need to ensure regular updates to remain in the public consciousness. A social media profile is now an absolute essential in establishing your professional credibility as a brand in a potentially crowded marketplace. Just as with a blog, a social media presence requires regular and relevant updating. Too often these accounts can be slapdash, as and when affairs, but they need to be viewed as an integral part of your marketing strategy, rather than an optional add-on.

Regular press releases to keep your customers and potential customers aware of developments within your business are vital to ensuring your company's well-being. They are a great way of increasing your exposure to both specific markets and general awareness and an asset of the digital world is that with a credible presence online an SME can, if the company so wish, appear bigger than they actually are.

JournoLink understands the importance of regular, quality exposure to the media. Brand awareness is key, and with literally - a world of customers that are able to like, share, favourite or retweet your news releases and product updates, your number of potential brand ambassadors has increased significantly. However, it is also essential to make sure your messages are being targeted the scatter-gun effect of social media is effective for general awareness but there is still a need to direct quality PR information to those outlets with credibility, those well placed to ensure that your news is seen by a commercially significant audience.