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Creating press releases just got smoother

Creating press releases just got smoother

The team have been busy over the past couple of weeks improving the way press releases are authored, scheduled and published and we're excited to now be able to share this with you.

Sneak peak 👀

No more page loads 🚀

To speed up your workflow, we've removed those pesky page loads from creating a press release. The whole process is now seamlessly presented with everything happening in the background - no more waiting for the next page to load.

Improved scheduling 🗓

We've now added even more power into the scheduling functionality, but at the same time made it even easier to use.

The new scheduler will now highlight any issues it finds inline and gives you a quick "fix" option to remove any guesswork.

Get social! 🥰

Within the new scheduler updates, we've also added the ability to send your press releases to your Twitter feeds. You can even schedule it to post in the future.

We're building on this right now, so keep checking back for the next chapter in "social"...

We're listening 🎧

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