Product Updates

New design for the Distribute page

New design for the Distribute page

We've spent the past week launching a new design for the Distribute page that's easier and more dynamic to navigate, as well as putting more information at your fingertips.

See for yourself 👀

Dynamic design

The new dynamic design aims to put the most commonly sought information in easy to reach places, such as the headline analytics (sent, opens, views & interactions) are in a quick-access drawer, and information on schedule times is just a click away without navigating.

Professional Writing Status

We included your professional writing orders within your press releases some time ago and, after listening to your feedback, we've now made these easier to recognise by brining them to the very top of the list and making the current status visible without having to click into the order itself.

All time stats ⏱

We know that some of you like to keep an eye on your performance over time, so we've added your all-time stats to the new design, summarising your views and interactions since you started sending through JournoLink. We're working on even more exciting features with this data, so keep watching if you're wanting more.

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