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The Ultimate List of News Desk Email Addresses

The Ultimate List of News Desk Email Addresses

Searching for news desks email addresses to build your media list is time-consuming and frankly off-putting. To help you save time and efforts, we've put together a list of news desk email addresses of the national, regional and trade publications and radio stations in the UK. 

The list includes newsdesk email addresses of national and regional publications and news outlets in the Business/Finance/SME, Fashion & Beauty, Schools, Education & Parenting, Sports & Fitness, Food & Beverage, Property, Horticulture & Nature, Science & Technology industries. We've also compiled the newsdesk email addresses of the top UK radio stations. 




Why do publications display their newsdesk email address? 

Building a media database can be tricky as journalists don't often display their work email address online to avoid being spammed constantly. They usually already receive an enormous amount of emails every day, so most of the time, they're trying to not open the door to more of them by publishing their contact details. However, it is not rare to see them share these details on a one-to-one basis, on social media for instance. 

However, news outlets still want and need to receive content from people and businesses in order to write stories and report on the news. For this reason, most publications put the newsdesk email address on their website so that organisations, businesses and PRs can get in touch and send their press releases or comments directly. The content is then sent to the relevant journalists depending on the subject and if the press release is newsworthy.


Why should news desk email addresses be part of your media list?

When putting a media list together to send a press release to, we advise starting with the news desk email list. But why?

1. They are displayed on the website for your use. This means that publications like to receive content and press releases via this email address. 

2. The staff turnover in the media sector is very high. Journalists move from one publication to another frequently or sometimes go freelance. So your journalist list needs to be constantly updated. But one thinks always remain the same...  the newsdesk email addresses. 

3. They are easy to find as they are available on the publications' website. And even easier now with our list. 

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Completing your media list

While targeting newsdesk contact details is useful when running a PR campaign, only targeting them is not a great strategy. The advantage of being easy to find is unfortunately also an inconvenient as it means that anyone can use this email address. So the newsdesk inbox is often full of spam, meaning that your content could go unnoticed. So having journalists and content writers email addresses is also crucial for a successful campaign. Feel free to read our tips on how to get media coverage and exposure for your Business or how to distribute your press release to get coverage. 



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