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The Ultimate List of News Desk Email Addresses

The Ultimate List of News Desk Email Addresses

Whether you are brand new to PR or a seasoned professional, media lists are vital to you PR campaign. By having the contact details of journalists you can pitch feature ideas, send press releases and build a relationship with that journalist.

Why should news desk email addresses be part of your media list?

The staff turnover in the media sector is very high. Journalists move from one publication to another frequently or sometimes go freelance. So your journalist list needs to be constantly updated. But one thing always remain the same...  the newsdesk email addresses. 

Why do publications display their newsdesk email address? 

Building a media database can be tricky as journalists don't often display their work email address online to avoid being spammed constantly. They usually already receive an enormous amount of emails every day, so most of the time, they're trying to not open the door to more of them by publishing their contact details.

However, news outlets still want and need to receive content from people and businesses in order to write stories and report on the news. For this reason, most publications put the newsdesk email address on their website so that organisations, businesses and PRs can get in touch and send their press releases or comments directly. The content is then sent to the relevant journalists depending on the subject and if the press release is newsworthy.

How do you find the newsdesk email addresses?

The easiest way to find the newsdesk email addresses is to find them via the publications website under a ‘contact’ section.

Top tip: make sure you read through the information on the Contact page. Some publications will tell you if there is a particular email you should send press releases to or if they have a different procedure for press release submissions.

Completing your media list

While targeting newsdesk contact details is useful when running a PR campaign, only targeting them is not a great strategy. The advantage of being easy to find is unfortunately also an inconvenient as it means that anyone can use this email address. So the newsdesk inbox is often full of spam, meaning that your content could go unnoticed. So having journalists and content writers email addresses is also crucial for a successful campaign. 

You may be able to find journalists personal email addresses through a more in-depth search of the website or by finding them on social media channels, however, this process is laborious and can be time-consuming with minimal results.

Media Databases

Saving time and energy, you can look to access a media database. These databases allow you to search for a particular publication or contact within a publication, ensuring that your media list includes all the relevant journalists that you wish to target.


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