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Which social media to use for your PR strategy [Infographic]

Which social media to use for your PR strategy [Infographic]

Have you thought about using social media to boost your PR strategy? If you're running a business, you're probably using social media to boost your marketing efforts and your engagement. Each of them has their specificities and help you to reach different objectives. It is the same when it comes to PR. Follow the guide.

Social media and PR should work together. According to the type of business you're running, you've got different options to make the most of them to engage with journalists, bloggers, your stakeholders and your customers. That's what PR is.

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Written by: Julie Cocquerelle, Marketing Executive

Julie has a degree in Marketing and PR, and has worked in marketing for a number of startup businesses, both in France and the UK. She now runs JournoLink’s marketing efforts, and works closely with our partners. When not in the office Julie enjoys travelling and soaking up European culture.