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How to effectively use social media to boost your PR

How to effectively use social media to boost your PR
Learning how to use social media to boost your PR is all about making the most of the resources that are already out there. Twitter is the well-established go-to place for journalists and small businesses alike – so developing your twitter presence should always be a priority. 
If you don't know where to start with Twitter, you can read our previous blog listing 20 small business journalists to engage with on Twitter.
Here are 3 ways you can easily and effectively improve your twitter presence:

1. Find the right sector for you – make sure you are following and interacting with the relevant journalists in your industry. Remember this does not only include journalists, but other small businesses as well. By becoming part of an industry-specific community you can stay up-to-date with important news and develop relationships while promoting your own business. 

Quick Tip: Remember that Twitter users tend to get the most traction on the weekend, so don’t let your Twitter profile fall by the wayside on a Friday afternoon! 

2. Don’t shy away from the hashtag – when used correctly, hashtags can be extremely effective. Within your industry-specific community take a look around, identify the most popular hashtags and routinely integrate them into your tweets. Using relevant hashtags will most definitely attract others to your content and promote discussion. 

Quick Tip: #journorequest is a popular hashtag which allows you to pick up editorial requests and make other useful contacts.

3. Use Twitter Lists – create or use pre-existing lists in order to neatly categorise and engage with your partners and clients. They can also be useful to keep an eye on what your competitors are getting up to. By actively getting involved in tweet chats and lists you can organise and monitor your social media strategically, and maximise your time spent online.

Quick Tip: Make a conscious effort to reply and engage with tweets a minimum of 3 times a week.

Written By: Yasmin Hoover, Media Relations Intern

Yasmin contributes to the runnings of JournoLink in many ways; from blogging and events, to press release distribution and networking. A new and important part of the team, she continues to help us connect businesses with the media. 

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