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Unleash the power of a press release

Unleash the power of a press release

Every business can benefit from writing a press release. Journalists need to know your business exists and press releases are a great way to get that exposure your business needs. Here are a top 5 super powers of a press release.

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1. Give your small business exposure

If your business is 1-2 years old, you may (if you haven't already) be looking for ways you can make a real impact within your industry. Writing an effective press release is one way to do that. Give your press release a lot of thought and a little time to write. Begin with a title that will have journalists clicking through to find out more.

2. Generate business leads

Quality and newsworthy pieces of content could generate new partnerships, lucrative sponsorship deals or other business leads, so make sure you leave your contact details (Twitter handles included) in the Notes to Editors at the bottom of your press release.

Quick tip: ensure you regularly update your contact details on your website

3. Increase your sales revenue

_When a press release is read by a journalist and published as a news article online, in a magazine or newspaper, your potential outreach to perspective clients will quadruple. 

Quick tip:  hook your press release to a current news event in order to catch a journalists' attention and demonstrate your relevance.

4. Help you earn media coverage

Press releases are written by business owners in the hopes of gaining media coverage. Whether it's radio, TV, print or online articles you'd like to see yourselves in, each publication will have a different style of writing, so be sure to take this on board when it comes to creating your own voice and writing style. 

Quick tip: seek out one or two journalists of publications you'd like to see yourself in and echo their voice as much as possible.

5. Establish you as an industry expert

Gaining coverage and brand recognition off the back of your press release will put you in good stead to be considered an expert of your industry sector. Remember, consistency is key. Ensure every piece of content you put out is of high quality and represents your business the way you desire.

Quick tip: Keep an eye on your inbox for the latest news happening in your industry and stay one step ahead of your competition