A Leeds-based designer and manufacturer of men’s accessories has signed exclusivity deals with partners globally.

Established in 2014, Vanacci offers a range of unique designs for men’s jewellery, wallets, pendants and cufflinks, including fragrance releasing bracelets.

The company has recently signed exclusivity deals with partners in several countries globally, including Australia, New Zealand and Hungary. Vanacci also maintains established relationships with retailers and wholesalers in Europe, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The deals will see Vanacci’s products exclusively supplied by online jewellery retailer, Tittup in Australia and New Zealand.

Tittup specialises in curating the newest, most unique and creative products with the highest quality for Australian shoppers. Vanacci’s Lockstone collection, which
can extend the life of cologne by up to seven times with just one spray, can be seen on the Tittup website, alongside other luxury fragrance related products.

With a focus on creative products and unique design concepts, Tittup came across Vanacci’s products during its recent Kickstarter campaign.

The company has also formed an exclusivity partnership with Mónika Agape, a Hungary based retailer. The deal will see Vanacci’s products exclusively stocked in their stores in the country.

Commenting on the global exclusivity deals, Vanacci’s managing director James Whitfield said:

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Tittup and Mónika Agape, providing them exclusivity of Vanacci’s products in their countries. It’s fantastic to know that our products are available, not only from our website, but in other well-established retailers globally.

“We hope to continue to build upon our relationships worldwide, forging our reputation as an innovative design and manufacturing company globally.”

Sara Khani, co-founder of Tittup said:

“The quality of Vanacci’s products is so high that we have only received positive feedback from our customers so far. We believe that the future of our partnership with Vanacci is very promising.”

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Established in 2014, Vanacci injects a fresh and modern feel into men's accessories, combining striking appearances with practical design.

Consisting of a tight-knit team of designers, engineers and fashion professionals, Vanacci is headed-up by co-founder and managing director, James Whitfield. James is supported by fellow co-founders, sales director, Ryan Ward and creative director, Sean Sykes.

The company’s design philosophy combines minimalism with bold and cutting edge practical features to create a product that fulfils a genuine need and serves as an excellent conversation piece.

The company’s product offering includes watches, wallets, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks, and scented jewelry, with new ranges being released every 3 months.

Recently awarded the Made in Britain accreditation, Vanacci is proud to maintain all manufacturing processes in-house, creating handmade, quality products for their customers at the firm’s headquarters in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Designed, sourced and assembled entirely by the team at their studio in Leeds, Vanacci products are manufactured in a strict quality controlled environment, before being dispatched to customers internationally.

With retailers and wholesalers in Europe, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the company also has firm plans to dominate the US market over the next few years.

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