Halifax-based innovator Envirowater, is one of the winners of the prestigious Cummins Environmental Gateway corporate acceleration programme.

Envirowater submitted their ingenious idea after Cummins, the largest independent maker of diesel engines and related products in the world, called on innovators of all sizes to come forward with market-ready, sustainable innovations to help Cummins achieve their Environmental targets in the UK.

Launched in September 2016, the Cummins Environmental Gateway attracted more than 100 submissions in just 40 days. The ideas came from innovators, small businesses (SMEs) as well as corporates around Britain and the world.

Envirowater is the business behind the Free Flow Valve. They offer water free solutions for businesses wishing to drastically reduce water consumption and save money by converting standard urinals to water free. It’s completely chemical free, easy-to-clean, simple to fit with no on-going maintenance. There’s no smell, bacteria or blockages.

Envirowater’s, Managing Director Tony Pegg said:

“We’re thrilled to have been recognised among a number of other successful innovators for our product, the Free Flow Valve, which is like no other in the market. We can convert bathrooms to become water free quickly and easily. Even if you are already saving water, our solution allows you to switch to 100% water free. It is chemical free and reduces bad odours and blockages.”

It is a worthy innovation not just due to environmental factors and cost savings. It also revolutionises the men’s bathroom experience. It is making such a difference to the environment and helping to save water one urinal at a time.”

Denis Ford, International Sourcing Leader EMEA, NE/SE Asia & S. Pacific at Cummins said:

“We would like to congratulate Envirowater for making the Cummins Environmental Gateway Successful Innovators List 2017. We have been very impressed with the quality of Envirowater’s innovation, and even more with the potential for environmental impact and savings. Together we can do more for innovation and environment”.

The Cummins Environmental Gateway, a first of its kind for Cummins globally, was launched in September 2016, in partnership with Marcela Navarro, CEO of Business Cubed (formerly responsible for the successful design and deployment of the RBS Innovation Gateway).

Unlike other corporate innovation programmes, the Cummins Environmental Gateway focuses on the adoption of sustainable innovations rather than on the ideation process, providing innovators with real opportunities to test their innovation in real life environment, accelerating their access to market and their opportunity to scale up.

Marcela Navarro, CEO Business Cubed said:

“With so many high impact solutions failing to reach the market due to perceptions of high risk and costs, genuine industry-level sustainable innovations are not able to scale up. The quality and the range of ideas selected as successful innovations, like Envirowater has been phenomenal.

With the successful innovators selected, we can now say that the Environmental Gateway is real. The next step is about demonstration, with massive environmental and savings potential for Cummins and exciting scale up opportunities for innovators”.


Notes to the editor

In the photo attached it goes L-R Jennifer Hirst, Tony Pegg, Louise Norman, Liam Rowe.

Jennifer Hirst – Energy Engineer, Cummins
Site Facilities Team – responsible for Environmental Management including ISO 50001 & implementing the revised ISO 14001 as well as other Facilities duties and legal compliance on site.

Liam Roe – EMEA Energy Project Leader, Cummins
Work within the Global Integrated Services (GIS) – Facilities team. Support sites with ISO 50001 & Superior Energy Performance implementation and manage part of the global energy efficiency and renewable energy project portfolio providing technical support.

Louise Norman – Environmental Analyst, Cummins
Louise is part of my team within GIS Facilities and is responsible for water and waste management in the Components Business Unit supporting goals such as Zero Disposal and Water Neutrality.

Tony Pegg – Managing Director, Envirowater
Tony is MD of Envirowater. Enviowater supplies revolutionary water free urinal systems to businesses around the UK.

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Formed by Tony Pegg, The Free Flow Valve from Envirowater (Winner of the Royal Bank Of Scotland Go Green Challenge and now tested, recommended and endorsed by RBS) is a revolutionary but simple, retro-fit, water free urinal system that will save water, prevent bad odours and reduce your costs. Each valve fitted to your existing systems will save 100,000 litres of water, per urinal, every year.

The Envirowater Free Flow Valve is the easy way to convert your standard urinals to water free. Becoming water free will make your washrooms cleaner and reduce limescale and blockages. It’s completely chemical free, easy-to-clean, simple to fit and no on-going maintenance is required. There is no smell, no bacteria and no blockages. The Free Flow Valve is ISO 9001 compliant and patented (2010/8157) and is assembled in Britain.

Already saving water? Water fed urinals should be flushed every 10 minutes maximum. By reducing flushing by fitting a system controller or simply turning the water flow down, your urinals will be at risk of bacteria, blockages and bad odour? Switching to Envirowater will not only remove the need for costly water-fed urinals completely, you won’t be at risk of blockages, bad odours and bacteria. Make the switch today, save money and promote your business as one that protects the environment, by being 100% water free.