An award-winning global performance consultancy hosted an event in Leeds city centre with a focus on creating powerful teams.

Tougher Minds, which delivers practical, effective and highly engaging training to help people improve resilience, well-being and personal performance, was created by Yorkshire-born Dr. Jon Finn. The consultancy has helped more than 10,000 people with its programmes during the last decade.

The company, which has identified Leeds, with its vibrant business community and rapidly growing tech sector, as a key market, hosted the event for business leaders on Thursday 21 June.

Attendees heard how a new mindset is needed in the workplace to deal with challenges created by the ‘V.U.C.A.’ world. Coined by the US military, V.U.C.A. stands for volatility, unpredictability, complexity and ambiguity.

It is now applied to business and industry to describe how organisations face major change, created by new technologies and rapidly shifting demands.

At the event, solutions for dealing with these challenges were outlined to an audience including HR and management consultancies, accountancy firms, and major banks and insurance companies.

Dr. Jon Finn, founder of Tougher Minds commented:

“The V.U.C.A. world is real and is creating challenges for businesses and organisations in Yorkshire.

“At our event in Leeds, there was widespread recognition of the changing nature of our working lives. There was also a great appetite to understand how our approaches to developing resilience, well-being and performance can be applied to support people and teams to thrive in the face of these challenges.”

Tougher Minds is staging its first ‘Team Power’ course for Yorkshire businesses this September. It will be hosted at Leeds Business School and will show leaders and future leaders how to support their people to develop new helpful habits and routines for success in the modern workplace.

Tougher Minds’ current clients include national and international businesses, major banks, professional services firms and companies with a large¬ global salesforce. In the education sector, it works with leading independent schools, Universities and offers well-being and resilience programmes for families. Their training can be applied to all aspects of business, education and life.

Its training programmes use the latest neuroscience insights and have been recognised for their effectiveness. This includes the Education Initiative of the Year award. The consultancy has also advised the Department of Education, and think-tank DEMOS on developing resilience in young people. The Tougher Minds team has also produced performance guides for national newspapers.

For more details of the Tougher Minds Team Power Leadership course which will start on 6th September, visit:

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Tougher Minds was founded by Dr. Jon Finn, and has been developed by the Tougher Minds team for nearly 10 years. The consultancy works with business, universities, schools and sport. Tougher Minds delivers award-winning, practical, effective and highly engaging training to help everybody improve resilience, well-being and personal performance - for all aspects of work, education and life. Tougher Minds’ programmes use the latest neuroscience insights and have been recognised for their effectiveness. The innovative nature and impact of this work features in national newspapers including The Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph. The consultancy has also advised the Government and think tanks on developing resilience.
Our team has a combined experience of over 100 years in supporting individuals and teams to be their best. We use this experience, alongside our own peer reviewed research, to help our clients achieve: improved performance; greater wellbeing; enhanced resilience; increased productivity; increased innovation; reduction in stress; improved morale; improved employee retention; reductions in employee disengagement; improved leadership development; better performance under pressure.