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Wrinkle Cork Products

Wrinkle Cork Products: The new fashion Eco-Leather

05 February 2014 10:53


Wrinkle has created a range of high quality accessories from Cork Leather, which is a beautiful and versatile material that is completely natural and sustainable. Warm and soft to the touch, the natural qualities of cork leather create a delightful sensorial experience , while providing the best possible protection for your everyday gadgets.

The Wrinkle product range includes:
•Mobile cases;
•Tablet covers;
•Netbook&Briefcases; sleeves

Each Wrinkle Cork product is unique varying slightly in colour and patterns due to the natural characteristics of the materials and created using 100% natural sustainable Cork Leather sourced in Europe.

Wrinkle Cork Products - Nature's Skin

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About Wrinkle Cork Products

Wrinkle Cork Products is a company based in London that aims to combine the perfect harmony of nature with a more enjoyable and productive technological experience, providing the best possible protection for our everyday gadgets through a high quality fashion accessories range, made of a distinctive eco-friendly product - Cork.

Wrinkle Values/Personality
Ecologic/ Enviromental friendly

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