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Ant + Zish

Would I get more likes on Tinder if I was a different ethnicity?

14 August 2017 08:30



We're currently carrying out a live experiment into the prejudice that exists in the dating world, especially when looking at muslims.

As a male from a muslim background, I wanted to find out how recent events have created a negative perception in the dating world for people like me.  

So I created 3 different tinder accounts, and photoshopped myself to create 3 separate personas. Every day, over 28 days, my creative partner, Antonia Jackson and I, swipe right 100 times on Tinder and count the matches on each account. 

So far, on day 22, persona 2, Ahmed is falling far behind the other two personas. 

You can follow the study on instagram @thestudyofattraction 

For more info, please email or call us on 07944902200

Kind Regards, 

Zish Alexander and Antonia Jackson

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