Across the world, the demand for alcohol-free drinks is increasing and consumers want choice and quality. That's why St Peter's Without®, the UK's first zero-alcohol craft beer, has been such a worldwide success.

Launched in August 2016, St Peter's Without® is brewed by a small, independent brewery in Suffolk, England, and is now sold in major supermarkets and hospitality chains in the UK, and is exported to 15 countries around the world, making it the World's No.1 alcohol-free craft beer.

But what makes it so popular and such a success story? “The quality,” says Steve Magnall, CEO at St Peter's Brewery. “We spent three years getting Without® absolutely right. We worked tirelessly to create an alcohol-free beer that is rich and malty in flavour, with a good head and a full body – just like a normal pint, but with no alcohol.”

Forget the thin, tasteless and de-alcoholised lagers of old, St Peter's Without® is a true pint and critics say it could even pass as 3 or 4%. “In just eight months, St Peter's Without® has become the No. 1 alcohol-free craft ale in the world, enjoyed in the UK, Austria, Germany, Denmark and Hungary, among others, and will soon be available in the USA,” continues Steve. “We think it's doing so well because we've managed to fill an enormous gap in the market. People were crying out for an alcohol-free beer that actually tastes good and we've provided it,” he adds.

Without® taps into the growing demand across the world for good quality and delicious alcohol-free drinks and gives those who are looking to cut down on alcohol, or who don't drink, an excellent-tasting beer that is as good as the real thing.

St Peter's Without® is available in 330ml and 500ml bottles. For more information visit

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St Peter's Brewery has a 20-year history in brewing real ale, including Organic and Gluten Free, as well as bottles and cask ales for on and off-trade.