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World Mental Health Day and Mental Health Week - Is Mindfulness helping to change the stigma of Mental Health in the workforce?

12 October 2015 18:00

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 12 October 2015 18:00

Mind and Matter 2015, addresses the topic and issues surrounding mindfulness and mental health that many businesses and society at large ignore or often sweep under the carpet.
Mind and Matter 2015 which takes place on 3rd and 4th December, Dexter House, Tower Hill; is a conference dedicated to highlighting and promoting the tangible, practical and scientific benefits mindfulness can have on the mind, on business and on our global economy.
Mondelēz, Accenture, Hermes EOS and BlueBay Asset Management are just four of the companies meeting in London later this year to share case studies and extend understanding of how organisations can strategically embed mindfulness, manage the issues and get results.
The list of experienced speakers at the conference includes business leaders and experts:
• Sarah Braid, Managing Director, Corporate Strategic Initiatives, Accenture
• Julia Freeman, Chief Learning Officer, Mondelēz
• Colin Melvin, Hermes EOS, CEO
• Elizabeth Newton, Talent and Development Consultant, BlueBay Asset Management
• Keynote speaker from the US: Renée Burgard, LCSW, Owner, Mindfulness & Health; Founder, gMBSR/Google, Inc.; MBSR Trainer, Consultant; Mindfulness-based Therapist, Writer, Designer

The conference addresses the topic of:
• Mindfulness and its evidence base: how does it change the brain and how can mindfulness interventions improve resilience, wellbeing, focus and productivity?
• Building the business case: How can we present an evidence-based business case linked to desirable workplace outcomes?
• Scaling-up and sustaining momentum: How can large organisations expand interventions and ensure they live on after the initial excitement?
• Evaluation and PR: How can we measure and report back to business leaders?
• “What makes Mind and Matter stand out from the crowd is the speakers. While most mindfulness conferences consist mainly of mindfulness training providers extolling the virtues of mindfulness, the speakers at this conference are principally from organisations, sharing their experiences and best practice with a practical and pragmatic edge. If you are seriously considering mindfulness from an organisational perspective, this is the must-attend conference of the year.” Juliet Adams, Director and Innovator, A Head For Work; Author “Mindfulness At Work For Dummies”

Charlotte Williams, Co-Founder of Mind and Matter 2105 stated;
“This conference draws out the complexities large organisations and businesses face with a range of Mental Health and Psychological issues. This conference is addressing this stigma head-on and ensures that businesses feel more equipped to handle the many concerns they face on a regular basis.”

Williams continues
“Although most of the management of Mental Health concerns rests within the Human Resources Department of most companies, this is a companywide issue that all businesses need to address from the top to the bottom of their organisation”.

To attend the conference and book your tickets, please visit

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Editor’s Notes
Mind&Matter 2015 builds on the success of’s hugely successful “Mindfulness at Work” conference, now in its third year, which last year attracted more than 220 attendees from 14 countries.

Mindfulness in the workplace has exploded onto the scene in 2015, with more forward-thinking employers recognising its benefits in reducing stress, improving wellbeing and increasing productivity. Mindful leaders; with qualities of compassion, focus, creativity and resilience; are also transforming businesses in this new era of uncertainty and disruption. As this practice is increasingly adopted in the corporate world, advocates continue to debate its application, sustainability and effectiveness in business. Meanwhile, neuroscientists and workplace researchers are finding increasing evidence of the hugely positive value that mindfulness can bring to individuals and organisations:

At this exciting, authoritative and inspiring event, you will find out more about:

The latest neuroscience behind mindfulness meditation and its beneficial effects on physical and mental health and cognitive performance

Who should attend? This event has been researched with, and produced for, Senior leaders with an interest in mindfulness, as well as individuals working in HR, OH&S, Employee Engagement, Productivity, Talent, Change, OperaOperations and Wellbeing. It will also be of interest to mindfulness practitioners – or budding practitioners - and the wider business as a whole.

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