The founder of one of the largest reforestation projects in the world, The Eden Reforestation Project is visiting Reading.
Stephen Fitch a pastor and missionary from California, has arrived in Reading to meet up with local reforestation business partners, the Beaconsfield based Barenaturals Candle Company and give a TEDx Talk about his mission to reforest areas of the third world and tackle humanitarian issues, such as poverty, slavery and trafficking and how it is made possible by partnering with brands like BareNaturals.

Barenaturals plant ten trees for every candle they sell.

Barenaturals is run by Beaconsfield residents Darcey Croft and David Bryans, a midwife and an engineer.

Barenaturals business model creates a positive feedback loop between consumer purchases, capitalism and saving the world. Their customers have supported thousands of trees already to be planted in Madagascar, Haiti and Nepal and their goal is to plant 10 million trees through Steve Fitch’s - Eden Reforestation Project and the sales of their world friendly candles.

The trees not only improve environmental aspects such as improving the soil, combating pollution and flooding. There is also a huge humanitarian aspect, the project provides jobs for local families and has freed people from slavery and child trafficking through the positive effects of providing work and tools.

The TEDx talk theme is Order from Chaos and is about how simple things can make the greatest impact.

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Barenaturals - David Bryans, Steve Fitch and Darcey Croft at the London Brasserie in Reading


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Darcey Croft - 07572465711
Twitter @darceycroft

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About Barenaturals

A social enterprise UK brand, Barenaturals creates candles with a difference. For every candle they sell, ten trees are planted in areas of social and environmental hardship. Working with leading reforestation projects around the world Barenaturals is leading the positive impact movement of conscious consumerism.

Founded in 2012 by Darcey Croft, a London NHS midwife and David Bryans an engineer. Barenaturals was designed to create a positive feedback loop between consumer purchases, capitalism and saving the world.