From 28/10/2016 UQUID fully supported for 40+ different Cryptocurrencies become world's first issuer unlimited Altcoins Debit card without verification. World's first worldwide mobile top up, Bills payments, Pharmacy voucher, Food voucher, Transportation ticket, Wifi Recharges, PIN- Less Call with 40+ different Cryptocurrencies


Services Started : 19/05/2016

UQUID is all-in-one solution for Bitcoiner & Altcoiner who want to make payment with just 1-click.

1. Visa Debit Card

- World's first issue unlimited bitcoin debit card without verification
- World's first issue unlimited 40+ Altcoins debit card without verification
( Ethereum debit card, Ripple debit card, Litecoin debit card, Monero debit card, Dash debit card, Augur debit card, MaidSafeCoin debit card, Steem debit card, Dogecoin debit card...)

- Main Benefits:
+ No ID or credit check to obtain a debit card ( Virtual and plasitc)
+ Instant issue and FREE worldwide delivery (plastic debit card)
+ Unlimited Card Supported ( multi card issue in same account)
+ 0% fees for POS purchases
+ Virtual card with just 1 GBP/EUR/USD
+ AVS MATCHING: can link to shop checking AVS like amazon, paypal, skrill, uber, just-eat ...
+ Reloadable : can load from any merchant worldwide such as paypal

2. Mobile Money Sevices

+ Mobile Worldwide Recharge:

- Instant recharge any mobile phone number in 150 countries
- Customize name or phone number of sender (unique feature)
- Customize message want to show for receiver (unique feature)
- 600 mobile operators worldwide accepted
- 6 billion mobile phones worldwide waiting for top up

+ Other Services:

- Grocery Voucher: Instant get Food Voucher and enjoy shopping at Supermarket nearby
- Pharmacy Voucher: Instant get a Pharmacy voucher to save time for queuing.
- Make instant payment for transportation ticket ( Bus + Train ticket) before you travel
- Make payment for Electricity, Gas, Landline, TV Bills or Wifi Recharges.
- PIN- Less Call (US customers only)
- Bundles services

3. E-wallet

- Instant Transfer+ Non-reversible
- Future payment solutions for : Freelancer, Shoper, Gambling, Altcoin miners
- Connecting with all others e-currency, local money via worldwide local exchanger partners

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Many years working in international finance market, We found that customer always try to find the fastest and easiest way to get cash and safer way for shopping online. Uquid come with guarantee instantly supply cash for anyone without any advance documents requirement. Wherever you come from if you want find the best way for using your cash, we take care of you.

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