The wonderful Peter Donohoe has very kindly agreed to come and speak as well as play in support of Kimichi School; Birmingham's first Independent secondary specialist music school. Started by Sally Alexander as a way of addressing widespread concerns at the paucity of music education, Kimichi School also offers small classes of fifteen pupils, allowing for a truly personalised education, and a real say in the running of the school for pupils. So many children can find large, anonymous maintained schools intimidating, and Kimichi's beautiful site (a well known Victorian building saved from demolition by the school) means that staff, parents, pupils and visitors all become part of a family.
Music teachers and musicians alike have joined together to support the school: many see it as the answer to increasing music cuts, shorter instrumental lessons in school, and the divide that exists between class, peripatetic and private teachers.
Peter Donohoe, world renowned pianist, contacted the head teacher and offered his support because of that very thing, and everyone connected with the school is so excited to have such a world class musician conditioning everything Kimichi stands for.
He is going to speak in support of school as well as play a movement from Mozart's Turkish Sonata, and Stravinsky's Petrushka. Friends of the school are then going to perform Dvorak's beautiful 9th Symphony; a new beginning for the school indeed.
Even better, it's free. Donations will be grateful accepted, but to hear some beautiful music from a truly great (and local!) pianist, all you have to do is find St. Martins at the Bullring for 1.30pm on Saturday 6th September.

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We have started Birmingham's first independent specialist music school. Aimed at secondary pupils who either wish to make it a career or those who simply enjoy it for it's own sake. Music is so beneficial in so many ways; has been proven to enhance the brain, teaches discipline, teamwork, leadership and is too often on the back burner in education. We aim to challenge that, and also offer small, friendly class environments with fifteen children in a class and real responsibilities handed over to pupils.