Barenaturals are proud to be official sponsors of World Candle Day 2018. An illuminating event to join collective consciousness and raise the vibration of love, healing and abundance.

Sparking up a day before ever popular Burns Night. Each year on 24th January, people from around the world unite for World Candle Day by lighting a candle and thinking about something positive they would like to manifest in their life and the world.

Some think about world peace, environmental issues, poverty alleviation or species threatened by extinction, homelessness and many other world issues. While they think about these issues they send forth love and healing and imagine a world that is free, healthy and abundant.

Some think about matters more personal to themselves, maybe honouring a memory of a loved one, or wishes for their own comfort and happiness. It doesn't matter what is wished for. As in the laws of attraction, the power is in the collective thought of love, healing and abundance brought forth into the world in one day en masse.

Candles can be lit at any time throughout the day and we recommend that people spend a few moments after lighting, to stare into the flame and really concentrate on their wish and the positive impact it will make either to the individual or the world.

People can organise World Candle Day parties and join with friends and family. Because the more candles that are ignited, the more intentions shine and the brighter the power of love will be.

Any candles can be used for the event. However we of course recommend using a Barenaturals candle. Because focusing on the kind of candlelight that plants ten trees in areas of deforestation, (we think) is a great choice for World Candle Day.


For more information and photos contact Darcey Croft:

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About Barenaturals

A social enterprise UK brand, Barenaturals creates candles with a difference. For every candle they sell, ten trees are planted in areas of social and environmental hardship. Working with leading reforestation projects around the world Barenaturals is leading the positive impact movement of conscious consumerism.

Founded in 2012 by Darcey Croft, a London NHS midwife and David Bryans an engineer. Barenaturals was designed to create a positive feedback loop between consumer purchases, capitalism and saving the world.