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Top Tourist

Women in the World of International Travel.

08 March 2016 13:00


Wouldn't it be brilliant for everybody, not just professional travel writers and bloggers, to share their magical moments, spectacular views, thrilling activities and fantastic food. British businesswoman and mother of four, Frances Murray, created Top Tourist, The Global Social Tourism Site, as a place for people to post their positive travel and leisure experiences from around the world.

Celebrating International Women's Day, Frances delights in the social element of the site, "I love connecting with people from all walks of life and very much enjoy each new and different perspective." Top Tourist now offers a great source of information and a fun way to find interesting places to see and things to do. For women travellers looking for the safety of a group tour in Cambodia or mums just wanting a bit of luxury on the family holiday, there is something for everyone.

Co-founder and husband David says, "In our twenty two years of marriage we have brought up our family and been in business together, always as an equal partnership. Frances and I seek to get our work-life balance right and with this in mind, we developed Top Tourist as a universal social platform offering an eclectic blend of useful information posted by tourists and businesses alike."

"International Women's Day is an opportunity to shine the spotlight on women and their achievements wherever they are in the world." says David, "Frances is unstoppable in her enthusiasm to achieve global success with And if ever there was a woman who deserves recognition for all her hard work, it has to be her!"

Frances Murray
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