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25 July 2014 12:22


In the week that the Equalities Minister Lord Davies announced that the percentage of women in UK boardrooms is on track to hit one in four by 2015, up 20% from the 2013 number, and following the week when the Prime Minister moved to shake up the Cabinet in favour of women, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission has warned Vince Cable that by favouring women being appointed to redress the gender balance is a human rights contravention, emphasising that the government has limited powers to do much about resolving the issue.

Karen Gill from everywoman, whose objective is ‘to enable women to advance in business’ says, “Only by demonstrating to employers that the value of a female employee is as good as a comparative male colleague, will the pay gap be addressed. So the emphasis must be on showcasing that value by the success companies are having when they have a more balanced talent pool. Then the boot is on the other foot. Rather than breaking the human rights law by favouring women, we will be able to rely on the business requirement to include all talent”.

everywoman put the emphasis on promoting better development for women and providing mentoring and career support, which according to Gill, gives joint responsibility between the company and the women (and men) to drive the change. “There are plenty of examples of very successful women earning more than their male counterparts at a top managerial level. However, they tend to have taken a single-minded focus on making sure they are totally equipped to do the job. That is the only way of fixing the gender pay gap in the long term, and we need to bring the same philosophy to more junior roles. Relying on government to force through changes alone is not going to change things, it hasn’t so far!”

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