Wills Express Solicitors have marked World Religion Day by releasing advice for people of all religions on the importance of making a will.

World Religion Day, which takes place on Sunday January 21, is an opportunity for people of all faiths to come together to promote harmony and shared spiritual values and Wills Express want to mark the occasion by highlighting that people of all religions can have a will.

According to the Director of Wills Express, Alison Goodier, whatever an individual’s religion, their cultural traditions and practices will be respected when making a will, which can include specific funeral or burial wishes, and set out the form of your funeral, including any special requirements to meet cultural or other expectations.

Goodier points out that the advantages of making a will are considerable. For example, cohabiting couples cannot legally inherit a partner’s estate, but are able to lay out provisions for one another in a will, while those who are married or in a civil partnership can leave their whole estate to their partner tax-free, which would not be possible without a will. Stepchildren can also benefit from a deceased person’s estate if they are named in a will.

In marking World Religion Day, Goodier said it was a good opportunity to remind people of all religions about the importance of wills:

She said: “After almost a decade in the industry I’ve lost count of the amount of instances I’ve heard about where people have unfortunately passed away without a will. It’s so important that everyone has one. Everyone should have a will, irrespective of religion. They respect cultural traditions and practices, including any funeral or burial wishes.”

Goodier adds that when drawing up a will, people can name an Executor to ensure that their wishes are carried out, and parents of children under the age of 18 can appoint guardians to make sure that their children will be well cared for.

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