Carmen & Rafaele are advocates of the "The Lean Closet Movement"

When clothing was expensive we only bought things that were truly needed or loved.... we had aspirations, we dreamt about clothes, we saved up for weeks to get the exact garment we had seen in a magazine, .... but now clothing is part of the throw away culture.

We passionately believe that as fashion clothing industry has moved into the disposable society realms, it has paradoxically made the whole shopping experience unfulfilling, whilst well made luxury goods are beyond most people's reach.

Rampant consumerism is now prevalent in most society's and cultures.

This is why Carmen & Rafaele sell only a curated selection of classic timeless products that will stand the test of time both in fashion terms and durability, rather than launching dozens or hundreds of products every season.

We encourage women to only own items they truly love, and live a more minimalistic lifestyle surrounded by a selection of well-made, luxurious but affordable clothes.

Women who purchase C&R products are buying into to the story of simplicity, taste, heritage and quality.

Unfortunetly a lot of customers don't really understand quality any more as they have now been used to purchasing clothing from the large international chain stores, but they are intrigued by our ethos of stepping off the never ending fashion treadmill and enjoying the art and pleasure of shopping again and regaining the respect for fashion and clothing.

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Carmen & Rafaele is a British lifestyle brand offering affordable luxury and catering for the discerning modern women who wants stylish, timeless and comfortable clothes for all occasions.

We specialise in high definition exclusive prints based on manipulated photographic images with each print inspired by nature or a specific location around the world …. Every print has a story! 

The ranges are designed so that the styles can be mixed and matched and therefore appropriate for an evening occasion by using heels and accessories, or dressed down for the school run by using sneakers and t-shirts or even made formal by mixing with tailored trousers or skirts.

We print only on premium quality natural fabrics that are washable and have dedicated 2 years of R&D to develop our new exclusive block patterns to ensure a comfortable fit in every garment which are made in the best certified factories in the world.

Carmen & Rafaele has at present two ranges comprising of the Carmen & Rafaele "Premium woven’s range” forward order and the Carmen & Rafaele  jersey tops range "T-shirts & Gladrags” in stock and short order.

We can also offer exclusivity of styles and bespoke design for clients subject to minimum order quantity.