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Wild Knight

Wild Knight Summer Punch Recipe

30 June 2016 15:31

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 30 June 2016 15:30

Enjoy a true taste of summer with the deliciously-refreshing cocktail using Wild Kinght Ultra-Premium English Vodka

Serves: 2

50ml Wild Knight Vodka
250ml Cranberry Juice
250ml Lemonade
Citrus Fruit, to taste

1. In a cocktail shaker, add a few cubes of ice and all the liquid ingredients.
2. Into two tumblers add a few cubes of ice, and some slices of orange, lemon or lime.
3. Pour the contents of the shaker into the glasses. Stir briefly and enjoy.

Wild Knight Ultra-Premium English Vodka is produced in Norfolk using Norfolk barley. It is single-distilled, smooth and pure with no burn. For more information visit

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About Wild Knight

Hand-crafted ultra-Premium English Vodka made in Norfolk using Norfolk barley

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