Why should premium sheepskin comfort be a victim of gendered constraints?

If slippers are a traditional gift for Mother's Day then they are even more suitable for fathers everywhere. These are articles of simple high fashion which offer a level of comfort not even found in the softest pair of Christmas socks - of which dads everywhere will already have a wardrobe full - and can be a way to get a gift that your father will actually use and enjoy.

SHEPHY are specialists in luxury slippers and have a range of hard-wearing designs with opulence and comfort in mind. They all use Merino wool from the prized breed of sheep which boasts softer and far more durable wool than others, serving as an active fibre which means it promotes excellent temperature regulation and combating overly sweaty feet.

A SHEPHY company spokesperson said: "We have noticed that men are far less likely to buy themselves slippers despite the fact that a good and comfortable pair, in our experience, has been valued highly by both women and men."

"Luxury and comfort can make everyone feel that little bit happier, so perhaps it's time that men everywhere open a pair of new slippers on Father's Day, instead of just restocking their sock drawer."

So for Fathers Day events, you have a range of options: going out for dinner, drinks at your local pub, or just a quiet and relaxing evening at home with loved ones. But imagine how much better all of these could be if dad spends the morning strutting around his house in slippers that he never even knew he wanted, or could even be as comfortable as the soft Merino wool lined pair he was gifted. To make his feet feel valued and pampered then perhaps a luxury pair of slippers are the gift for your dad this Father's Day.
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SHEPHY® is a UK brand for the most beautiful premium quality shearling slippers and lovers of all home comforts. Only the finest blend of classic design, hard-tested quality and responsibly sourced materials receive the SHEPHY mark. Original footwear creations are brought to life with superior materials and craftsmanship and is supported by our guarantee of excellence. With every one of our products created specifically to look beautiful and deliver enduring comfort for longer. The only thing uncomfortable about SHEPHY slippers is not wearing them!