Penny Dreadful Menswear: Press Release August 2015

Boxer Shorts Neglected No Longer

Women have all the fun.
At least they do on the underwear front – lingerie departments are filled with a dazzling variety of colours, designs and brands. Compare this to the men’s experience of buying underwear – you get a choice of big name underwear brands generally catering for ripped 25 year olds or multi pack boxers positioned near the tills. All very samey and all featuring bulky elasticated waistbands – not ideal for Summer.

Men’s underwear has become neglected, even the fabric used for boxer shorts is often left over from shirt manufacture.

Finding it impossible to find a pair of boxer shorts that had some style and design about them, Penny Dreadful Menswear launched in 2014, set out to create a range of boxer shorts unlike any other.

Taking inspiration from original 1950’s designs including a yoke front and balloon seat, Penny Dreadful Boxer Shorts are light, comfortable and extremely flattering on the body and because they’re tailored they don’t need the extra fabric round the waistline. Also they feature fantastic original illustrations by Sarah Dvojack – in fact collaboration is becoming a big part of the story as each season Penny Dreadful shorts will feature illustrations from up and coming artists to keep designs fresh and help give new talent a break.
Penny Dreadful Tailored Boxer Shorts are made in England by Headen & Quarmby of Manchester and prices range from £28 to £35.

White Tees Sort The Men From The Boys

Since the 1950’s the plain, white Tee has been an icon of understated masculinity. We couldn’t have an underwear brand without the perfect tee shirt – one you’ll feel completely comfortable in and wear for a very long time. The new PD 100% organic cotton tee is soft, durable and the seams won’t shift in the wash. Available in soft grey melange or honest to goodness white with a not too high not too low v neck. Our tees are carbon neutral, ethically made and cost £26.

Combs, yes Combs.

Combs are boring. Unless they’re not.
The Man Comb is a tough and compact flip comb, cut throat razor style with magnetized gizmo to keep the thing open while being used. It’s made in the UK from hard wearing stainless steel and resin and brings some presence and dignity to the whole process.

Penny Dreadful Boxer Shorts, V neck Tees and Man Combs are all available at




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Frustrated by the lack of variety and style in men's underwear we started this small Company to design and manufacture tailored boxer shorts, based on a vintage design re-styled for a modern fit. The shorts feature the original illustrations of Sarah Dvojack and are truly unique. Made in Manchester.