Every aspect of living in property seems to have a 'process' that needs managing. Over the last decade, ALL of these 'processes' have migrated to the web. But where are our homes? That's right, firmly planted in the real world. Our homes have been left behind and the processes associated with them have hit the internet and been blown into thousands of apps, websites and services all claiming to do one thing, make your life easier.

But where does that truly leave normal, busy parents and hardworking folk? “Oh, I know it’s here somewhere,” is the phrase which usually accompanies rifling through drawers, file cabinets and those concertina-style folders you promised yourself you’d keep all the ‘important stuff’ in.

When you think of all the paperwork which piles up when you're running a household, it’s no wonder you can get stressed trying to keep on top of it all. Of course, going online can make it easier to retrieve your latest electricity or gas bill or find out how much your car or house is worth – but it’s hardly at the touch of a button. As one advertising campaign used you to say ‘there’s an app for that’. Well, to be more precise there are at least 30 different apps out there which vow to make each little area of your life that little bit easier to manage. What seemed like the solution to all our problems has merely shapeshifted into a new, but similarly frustrating, waste of time.

So what if you could have all that information under one roof, so to speak? An online property profile with Homible can do just that. With just one login, you’ll have access to all the accounts and information relating to your household, from energy to TV, phone to insurance, valuations to tenancy documents.

Think of it as a Facebook profile for your home (without the funny cat videos and Game of Thrones memes). You’ll have everything you need to know about your home in one profile. The ‘property industry’ would have you believe that it is essential to have countless individual solutions to each aspect of managing your property. But they forget that most us cannot efficiently keep up.

We take care of everything under one roof in the real world, but as soon as we transfer these processes to the web, they get spread out, fragmented, and complicated. Homible takes a holistic approach to property. Quite simply, if it relates to your home - whether you own, rent or perhaps let - you can take care of it all in Homible . Your home, online. This profile makes managing your home the same online as it is offline – all under one roof.

An online property network could shake up an entire industry. Your home will no longer be left behind, instead, it will be represented in the very place that claims to make living in property easier. Your home will have a presence on the web, exactly where it needs one!

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HOMIBLE - A worlds first online property network that aims to reinvent the property industry. We have created an online property profile for every home in the UK. Users just have to claim it for free.

Homible replicates one simple aspect of ‘ye olde’ property management. We have represented your home in the very place it is managed. We used to manage our homes in the real world. Our homes are in the real world. Now our homes are managed online. So, your home now has an online profile.

With a holistic approach to property, managing your home has never been so simple. Need to securely store an insurance document? No problem. Want to get reminders for car tax and MOT dates? Just enter your vehicle registration into your online garage. Want to find out if you’re paying too much for energy? Just sync your energy provider account with your property profile and we check the energy market for you.

Your property profile covers everything from pets to car insurance, broadband deals to property values. Energy savings to document storage. Everything you need to efficiently manage your home.

So, join us, create your property profile and make the most of your home, online.

Households rejoice, property innovation has finally arrived.