With social media, ‘busyness’ and national and international events dividing families in 2016, we’re seeing increasing demand for our ready-made family mealtime conversation menus. We think good conversation is about to join the ranks of good food and exercise in importance, when it comes to keeping people happy and healthy. And what better time to start than Christmas!

How would you rate your family’s mealtime conversation? If it’s always fun, effortless, interesting, memorable, animated etc, you don’t need to read on.

But if you find there are times when you’re bored of talking about the same old stuff; wondering if anyone’s paying attention to what you’re saying; struggling to get children, siblings or parents speaking; or wishing others would just stop venting… (you get the idea), we think we have an answer.

There’s plenty of research pointing to the decline of face-to-face conversation. That’s a problem, because the research shows there’s a direct link between face-to-face conversation and people’s overall health and happiness. Having just surveyed 250 people in person ourselves, we found 40% don’t talk a lot together at mealtimes, 35% don’t often talk about new things as a family, 35% don’t have regular meaningful conversations as a family and 22% don’t think their families know them that well at all.

So, why is family mealtime conversation, in particular, important?
It’s the perfect antidote to social media, ‘busyness’, loneliness, divisiveness, you name it, because it’s an opportunity for different generations to share valuable time together. The issue, as we see it, is that many people are leaving family mealtime conversation to chance, and it doesn’t always turn out that well, because it can be difficult to do unless you’re a natural conversationalist.

What then can be done to improve family mealtime conversation?
Well, of course, you can prepare in advance and download conversation starters from the internet. But really this can seem like more hard work, especially if people aren’t in the mood to ponder questions that sound too deep and meaningful.

Is there a way to make family mealtime conversation totally irresistible?
Yes, we think the answer is to combine social games like ‘what if’ and ‘would you rather’ into a game of ‘who-knows-who best’ for families - like our range of conversation card games called 'Sussed' - that can be played for 5 minutes or 5 hours

‘Sussed’ converts the traditional conversation-starter into an entertaining quiz where family members answer multiple choice questions about each other. There’s scoring for competitive players. The idea is to bring families closer together by finding out more about each other and getting everyone listening and talking in equal measure, not to mention interpreting body language and laughing at how mistaken they can be about the very people they thought they knew best. It also creates a safe environment to exercise your personality and to have the confidence say what you really think and feel about things.

We aim to put a pack of Sussed on every kitchen or dining room table in the UK to spark conversation whenever it’s needed.

As part of our bid to transform family mealtime conversation, we are sending free packs of Sussed to cafes, pubs and restaurants across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: informal neighbourhood cafes and bars like the Lounges, home from home boutiques like Ziferblat, board game cafes like ‘Thirsty Meeples’ and ‘Draughts’, as well as independent freehouses like The Crown, Hastings and the Roseleaf, Edinburgh.

Next on our list are schools who want to start conversation clubs, and charities and care homes who are trying to combat loneliness.


About Sussed
Sussed has been designed to stimulate conversation among family and friends by bringing out people’s inner selves. It’s a ‘who-knows-who’ best game that can be played by adults and children aged six plus. One minute you might be sharing your views about interstellar colonisation, the next it could be about starting a plate smashing business or searching for the key to happiness. ‘Sussed’ was launched in April 2011, has been recommended by The Good Toy Guide and is one of Amazon’s bestselling pocket card games.

The 7 Sussed family packs are …

All Sorts - Rediscover your inner playful
Sample cards:
Emotional Intelligence - Celebrate your inner feelings
Sample cards:
Lifeology - Use your inner savvy
Sample cards:
Wonderlands - Release your inner adventurous
Sample cards:
Showcase - Unleash your inner self
Sample cards:
Out Of The Blue - Explore your inner extraordinary
Sample cards:
Vices & Virtues - Find your inner daring.
Sample cards:

What Amazon reviewers say
“It really got us thinking and talking which is a great thing for a soon to be teenager”
“Someone you think you know really well turns out to have some hidden secrets”
“It provides a mirror to see what others think”

What The Good Toy Guide says
“This is an ideal way to get friends and families socialising and learning more about one another. It also gets children to develop their speaking and listening skills, building their confidence and self-awareness too by thinking how they would answer each question.”

About the Games to Get Conversation Survey
The aim of the Games to Get Conversation Survey was to raise awareness of the importance of having face-to-face conversation. It was conducted in person by asking a random sample of 255 people in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire to rate various statements on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high). Respondents were also asked what they had most fun talking about as a family. The statements were: ‘I know my family well’, ‘My family knows me well’, ‘We talk a lot as a family at mealtimes’
‘We often talk about new things as a family’, ‘It’s easy to start a conversation with my family’
‘We have regular meaningful family conversations’.

About Games to Get
Games to Get is a small family owned business started by Mark Evans, CEO in February 2011, while he was working as a family business adviser. Today, Mark works for Games to Get full time together with his eldest son Luke, who is Head of Product Development and the creator of Sussed Wonderlands. Mark’s wife, Rose is in charge of the accounts at the same time as doing her MA. Their youngest son, Joshua, acts as a valuable sounding board in between acting assignments.

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Games to Get is a family owned business specialising in conversation card games called Sussed. Our aim is to give face-to-face conversation a boost to help families and communities get to know each other better. There's a lot of research suggesting the art of conversation is in decline due to the rise of social media, loneliness and 'busyness'. We make it easy to start a conversation with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Sussed was launched in 2011. There are 8 different Sussed packs for children and adults. Some packs such as 'Lifeology' focus on what people think about things. Other packs such as 'Emotional Intelligence' focus on how people feel about things. Together they cover everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. In addition to bringing out people's inner selves, Sussed packs have been designed to increase people-reading skills.

How to play Sussed
Read aloud a scenario question and the 3 options (A/B/C). Decide which option you think is closest to the truth. Ask the other players which option they think you’ve chosen. Reveal your choice. Have fun finding out why everyone chose the options they did. (For full rules, including scoring, see Sussed pack.)

Example of a scenario
What kind of punctuation am I?
A. ?
B. !
C. …