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Why are business cards still important in 2015?

31 March 2015 10:05


In today’s networked world, practically every business has its own website and social media presence. It can sometimes seem that the only way to communicate with customers is by using a few too many #hashtags. In this digital era, you could be forgiven for assuming that the business card should have gone the way of the Rolodex and the fax machine. However, the humble business card is far from finished. In fact, it’s even more important than ever!

A couple reasons why business cards will be sticking around:

Something personal

There is a good reason why businesses continue to seek out high quality printing and design services from, it is because they don't assume that two-dimensional communication fulfils all their needs. Part of what keeps business cards alive and relevant is that we can't function with only a digital presence; people still meet each other in real life. Clients are still met with a physical handshake, sales staff still meet and sell tangible objects to customers and business professionals still network and connect through face to face interaction. We all know the importance of networking on business success and growth so for as long as this continues to be an invaluable part of business; the business card goes hand in hand.

Something special

Far from spelling the death of business cards, the rise of digital seems to have given these little pieces of printed card something of a boost. Most people now receive more emails, LinkedIn requests and Facebook messages than they could ever hope to read in a lifetime. Above this sea of digital clutter, the real-life business card in your hand becomes something a bit more special. It’s a physical reminder of you, your brand and your message, so yes you still need a great well thought out business card.

Something customisable

This phenomenon means that there’s now high demand for innovative, exciting and memorable business card designs. At the same time, the digital world has brought complete customisation and convenience to business cards. Using online tools and templates, any individual or business can now simply visit online printing companies like and create their own unique design in minutes. We have thousands of customisable templates to which you can easily add your own name, picture and logo – and of course, those all-important social media details! Alternatively, if you can’t find what you need, just contact us for a bespoke quote.

So forget your old Filofaxes, VHS tapes and car phones. Business cards have truly stood the test of time, and they’re still a fantastic way to make a great impression.

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We are here to help your marketing budget go further without compromise. We continually invest in technology to improve upon our quality, production efficiency and turnaround times. Any cost saving is passed onto our customers which allows us to offer incredibly competitive prices.
If your a novice to the print and design world we would suggest that you use our 'design templates' rather than spending hours trying to work out how to produce your own print artwork, it will undoubtedly be a cheaper, less time consuming option. Also you know that your artwork will print properly and it will allow you more time to focus on your business.
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