Latter-day millennials examine mixtapes with the same disinterest that early-day millennials examined Betamax. Spotify runs your party. Retweets and YouTube views determine how your favourite band is treated by their record label. An app manages our sold out gig waiting-list. What will save music in 2018? What remains when the tour is over: Merchandise. 

Merchandise is the last remaining physical revenue stream in the music industry without a digital competitor and is a hugely unexploited revenue stream for independent artists and brands. The market is currently worth over £2.3 billion and grew 9.4% last year with further significant growth expected, yet independent artists struggle to manage their merchandise effectively.

That’s where Terrible Merch come in. A disruptor business founded by Tersha Willis and Jack McGruer - a streetwear designer and a major label signed-musician - they provide unparalleled design, production and merchandising services and tools for artists to help them make more money from merchandise. Terrible Merch only work with projects that they truly believe in, carefully curating a roster of the best new artists and brands, including Marika Hackman, Girl Ray and Chastity Belt.

Now Terrible Merch have launched a crowdfunding campaign via Crowdcube in order to secure funding for increased investment in sales and marketing along with working capital. Terrible Merch is forecast to be a £3M revenue business within 3 - 5 years, with exit to a major recording label, entertainment company or ticket provider within 5 - 8 years. Invest in them and in return they will deliver 15 times your investment when they exit.

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Helping independent bands and artists make money from their merchandise