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The Gold Disc

When First Dance Friday met Valentine’s Day - #1stdancefriday

13 February 2014 13:51


We invite couples to post the song that they had their wedding first dance... post videos of the songs, share their memories and even post videos of them dancing on their Wedding Day.
We have been running a survey to find out the most popular Wedding First Dance songs on our website for around 7 years now and the most popular wedding first dance song without a doubt has been ‘Amazed’ by ‘Lonestar’... although it was only a minor hit in the UK only peaking at 22 it certainly won the hearts of lovers around the world.

Our First Dance is one of the best kept secrets in the UK Wedding Market, whenever people see our first Dance framed music gifts they always comment on what a beautiful sentiment it is.

And when the discs are presented it very often ends in floods of emotional tears and very often the frame takes pride and place in their house.

What was your wedding dance? - share it with #1stdancefriday

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About The Gold Disc

The Gold Ltd was established in 2002.

Embracing the power and emotion of music

Created by music lovers for music lovers providing unique and personalised framed music gifts to celebrate milestone birthdays, first dance gifts for Weddings & Anniversaries.

As well as creating corporate gift presentations and awards for world famous brands, Hard Rock Cafe, Live Nation, Google, Virgin etc.

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