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Sea Sky

What Your Mother Really Wants this Mother’s Day

17 March 2014 19:09


Debbie Reeds, life coach and Lawrence O’Connor, actor have combined their professional practises to create a unique training opportunity to enable you to live with more authenticity and fuller self-expression in all areas of your life including family, work and relationships. They have courses in April and May in an idyllic eco-centre retreat location on Tenerife and they are holding a one-day introductory workshop at Makebelieve Arts in London on 22nd March, 10.30-4. Payment by voluntary donation.

Lawrence says ‘I had been working on creating a more authentic life and thought I was making progress in all areas. However, driving along in the car one day, I was asking Debbie for advice about what what plausible excuse to give to my mother about a new event that I was co-facilitating that I didn’t feel comfortable with her participating in. Debbie first asked why I didn’t want her to. I explained that I would feel too much pressure to please her. Debbie then said “why don’t you tell her that?”. The very idea shocked me. Actually be honest and authentic and risk upsetting my mother?!

What followed was a life-changing moment. I contacted my mother, told her how I felt. Her response was beyond my wildest dreams: ‘never seek my approval as you have it regardless, unconditionally. I one-hundred percent trust in all you do. You are my mentor’. I cried tears of happiness as we continued driving through the countryside.’

Most people never get this kind of truth from their parents. They push themselves into careers they hate, relationships that don’t fit and lives they believe their parents want them to live, but it all rests on shaky assumptions based on lessons they think they learnt in childhood. Occasionally parents urge their children to conform out of some belief that they will be happier but this usually has more to do with their own frustrated desires and insecurities. Seeing their offspring fully express themselves in the world is often transformational for them too.

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About Sea Sky

Sea Sky
Courses for creative people wanting to live and work more authentically
Come and join us in spring 2014 at the rural eco-centre, Manantial de Tara in an unspoiled region of Tenerife. Share a unique immersive learning experience of deep-work using practical tools, techniques
and processes based on personal growth and performance principles.
Spend a week working in a group as a creative community in the Canary Islands with its climate famous for year-round warmth and sunshine. Enjoy freedom, space and time away from the pressures of daily life to reflect and focus on what’s important.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The
purpose of life is to give it away.” ~ Pablo Picasso

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