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FP Comms

What does today's marketing company look like?

08 December 2015 01:00


Diverse marketing company FP Comms is branching out into the world of PR with the launch of its easy to use new service.
Flexi PR helps businesspeople and entrepreneurs increase their media presence and the business profile of their company, while always staying in control of their finance budget.

FP Comms already provides a wide range of marketing solutions, including marketing planning and implementation as well as online and print design, events management and social media management for all levels of entrepreneurship - from large corporations to start-up firms, as well as local authorities and private clients.

Founder of FP Comms Nicola Millington said:
“At the heart of what we do is to create a business where we can help people achieve their ultimate best."

Millington continues,
“I believe that many people used to go into business for one main reason. However, times are chanigng and businesses are realising the power of building a kinder, yet powerful economy. As a marketing communication company, many people need an agency like ours where we spend the time, to really understand them and their business, whilst getting the results."

FP Comms has already seen some early success with its PR coverage services. It has secured 49 pieces of online coverage for its clients, generating an estimated 1.30 million views and 675 social media shares.

It has also kick-started its print PR services, with five pieces already reaching a circulation of 316,000 between them.

Online platforms it has secured coverage with include; The Guardian, The Wharf and The Sunday Times, as well as Marie Claire for its print coverage.

To access the service, users sign up to an annual subscription and select which PR opportunities they want to participate in.

From thereon FP Comms controls the process and, whenever they successfully get their users featured online, in print, on the radio or on TV, they pays for the results.

FP Comms connect with journalists to pitch ideas about their users and collate all the information required. Once this has been approved by the user, it is submitted to the journalist. Press coverage is paid at an accountancy-friendly rate per result.

FP Comms’ client list past and present include: Ascent Media Group, Acuregen, Mind and Matter Conference, Off The Wall UK, Ally Bee and the newly launched Classic Man Look.
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