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Salutem Health

What can you do for Mental Health Awareness Week 2017?

05 May 2017 12:15


We're proud to support #MHAW2017 and even prouder that Salutem Health are making an impact in changing the perception of mental health and recovery in the workplace - we're working on a new campaign which will be announced soon, which we are VERY excited about!

For now though, one thing you can do to take steps in the right direction for your business and the mental health and wellbeing of your employees is to encourage them to join one of the sessions on an Introduction to Workplace Behavioural Health, either today at 1pm, Monday 8th May or Friday 12th May - all participants will receive a certificate and there is no cost to attend as the training will be delivered online.

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1 in 4 adults will suffer a mental health issue. Others, particularly in high stress managerial and professionals roles, may have an issue, either themselves or with a family member, with alcohol or other substances, impacting on workplace performance, health and safety.

As we live in an increasingly fast paced, volatile and uncertain world, the risk of workplace behavioural health issues increases.

It's #TimeToChange in the workplace and it's vital that employers and co-workers are up to speed on spotting the signs and dealing with issues fairly, compassionately and legally. Join us in supporting #MHAW2017

Join us for this short webinar, which will introduce you to the topic and enable you to have your questions answered. If you'd like to contact Salutem for more information, please call 0207 993 2060 or email

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Laura Morrison

Head of Relationships

Tel: 07583 008320


About Salutem Health

Salutem Health;
An organisation designed to help Workplace Behavioural Health

Salutem Health ( has been created by Ian Young, the Founder of Sober Services, to improve Workplace Behavioural Health.
Many professionals struggle with the stress, dependency and various other issues in a workplace. Through their work in Sober Services, Salutem Health identified a need to provide specialised consultation, training and advisory services to organisations to address this requirement.

The aims of Salutem Health are to supporting identification, prevention and education for employers and employees, on behavioural issues in the workplace. This extends to supporting active case management, and where appropriate and agreed with the employer, making a seamless referral to Sober Services. At Sober services, they tailor the appropriate treatment for the employee’s situation; whether it is an intervention, detox, or one-to-one coaching, to support the individual towards healthy living and successful sobriety.

People experience highs and lows for many reasons, at all levels of their professional careers. For your organisation and long-term growth, your employees are the greatest asset you have. Your employees are your best investment, so ultimately it is a necessity to ensure the staff’s wellbeing is a priority.

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