Tg Green Tea, a delicious new drink made using real brewed green tea blended with ancient wellness ingredients has got the nod to support the prestigious Virgin Money Giving Mini Marathon next Sunday. 2000 bottles of iced Tg Green Tea with mandarin and ginseng will go out in goodie bags at the end of the 3-mile race as a refreshing low sugar pick me up for runners and their supporters. Won by athletes like double Olympic Gold Medalist Mo Farah in the past, the event is the official British Athletics three-mile road championship for young athletes aged 11-17.

Sugar intake is high on the health and wellness agenda following the National diet and nutrition survey report finding in 2012 that 11-18 year olds at 40% ingested the highest proportion of extra sugar from soft drinks of any age group. Tg Green Tea is encouraging young athletes and folks everywhere to help buck this trend by taking on their iced teas as a tasty alternative to artificial energy drinks and other stuff high in sugar post-exercise.

“But,” says cofounder Sophia Nadur, “Tg Green Teas can’t just be good, they have to make you feel good too, and that’s why we created it as the smart sassy and social way to enhance inner wellness and outer vitality.” Tg Green teas won 2 Gold stars at the 2015 Great taste Awards.

Shanghai born Medical Doctor and research physician Dr. Hua He and ex Unilever, Mars and Coca-Cola marketer Sophia teamed up to bring the British born and bred Tg Green Tea brand to life. They are drawing on both modern and ancient cultural resonances to convey the essence of their brand as a Tea with great ingredients that promotes wellbeing in a social context.

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