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Film and Furniture

Website launches for design geeks, film nerds and furniture fans.

16 January 2015 11:17


Have you ever wondered where to find a sumptuous piece of furniture or the ‘to-die-for’ decor featured in a film?

Film and Furniture is a lovingly curated online resource directing you where to find the decor, furniture and art you spot in your favourite films. Rich, readable and well-researched content includes special features on film directors, production and set designers, furniture designers and the UK’s most interesting interiors shops. From Wes to Wegner, from Skyfall to Skandium...

Film and Furniture is born from a passion for interiors and a fascination with the worlds created through set design in the movies. We show our readers where to source pieces featured in those films - served up with a large helping of design knowledge and provenance on those pieces - enabling them to recreate a sliver of the silver screen in their own homes. Launch stories discuss pieces featured in Bond, Gladiator, Mad Men, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Hunger Games, Pulp Fiction and Bladerunner for example. We also invite luminaries within their field to write guest features.

We kick-off with a magazine-style online resource which will develop into a more in-depth website with brand tie-ins, associated pop-up screenings, live events and eventually, retail sales.

Why are we different?
• Furniture and decor retail sites tend towards the product led: Picture, description and click to buy, but often lack
personality and engaging content - no stories, no context, no hook.
• Film sites on the other hand are often rather masculine and many are badly designed.
• Film and Furniture changes that - it tells stories and contextualises the furniture and decor featured in many classic and cult movies - to inspire and set the imagination alight, bringing closer associations with the products and designs whilst simultaneously promoting the furniture and interior design shops, producers, distributors and retailers.
• ‘Where to buy’ and ‘where to watch’ content is currently UK focused, with international versions of the site planned for the future - each with local focus for each territory.
• Film and Furniture answers the age old question - where can I get one like that?

About the Founder: Paula Benson
“As a teenager I used to sketch out my imaginary future house with all its décor and furniture. While I was doing so, my imagination was totally lost in the world I was creating – the look, the sensations and the conversations – like a film set. Whenever I watch a film I find myself loosing the plot whilst studying the contents of the set”.
Paula’s interest in interior design remained intact but her design sensibilities took her in another direction in her career of the last 24 years as Partner of Form® – the globally renowned, multi-award winning, graphic design and branding studio she runs with partner Paul West. They have created worlds through branding for clients such as Virgin Galactic, Adidas, 100% Design, Latitude, Taste Festivals and for global music acts such as Depeche Mode, Elbow and Girls Aloud. They have been invited to meet such luminaries as Nelson Mandela, Prince Charles and a myriad of colourful rock stars and visionary thinkers, and declined an offer to head up the Apple graphics department in California. They both lecture on design around the world.
Film and Furniture combines Paula’s interests in film, furniture, design and branding.

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About Film and Furniture

Film and Furniture is a lovingly curated online resource directing you where to find the décor, art and furniture you spot in your favourite films.

From Wes to Wegner, from Skyfall to Skandium

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