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James De Moura

'Watercolour on the web' - A subtle combination of traditional artwork utilised in a digital environment

23 September 2015 08:30


Innovative, boutique home interiors retailer, James De Moura is introducing specially commissioned watercolour artwork on its website, in a unique combination of artistic talent and original artisanal craftsmanship, bringing to life their unique collections.

Creative Director, Gillian Herstell further explains this decision, commenting "It remains relatively rare to discover quality artwork presented in a digital context, particularly in the e-commerce arena. It is my confirmed belief that our clients benefit significantly from seeing an artistic representation of not only of our products, but also the illustrative supporting artwork which really helps to set the scene. This is particularly relevant to James De Moura as our products are all sourced exclusively from iconic regions of European countries, and are handcrafted by skilled artisans with a long history in their trade. There is no place on our website for mass production, and the use of these watercolour images further strengthens our brand identity, and reinforces our focus on provenance."

The company envisages rolling out a series of bespoke watercolours over the coming months, a selection of which will also be available to customers in the form of high-quality, limited edition prints.

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Gillian Herstell

Creative Director

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About James De Moura

James De Moura purvey exclusive high end, handcrafted interior design objects to private individuals, interior designers and boutique hotels. With a passion for provenance and a strong focus on 'finishing touches', the products, many of which are limited edition, have been sourced from some of the most iconic regions of Europe. The collections include a very special selection of premium pieces for those truly seeking the exceptional. Each design subtly encapsulates the very essence of its origin; from the enduring legacy of Portugal’s Age of Discoveries to the softly undulating vineyards of Provence.

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