Your Colourful World has launched a gift item connecting the needs of avid travellers with the growing trend in adult colouring for relaxation. Their unique A1 sized map of the world with details of national, topographical and cultural landmarks enables keen travellers to not only record their travels in highly personalised ways, but also highlight the bucket lists of places their wanderlust craves for the future.

Says founder Suzanne Mountford: “I’ve been a passionate traveller since the age of 14, seen every continent except Antarctica, visited 52 countries, and lived abroad extensively. Travelling is a highly personal experience and our world map enables people to record their experiences in ways that are uniquely memorable to themselves.”

Colouring within lines is no longer kids’ play. Research indicates that it’s a powerful stress buster with colouring books showing impressive market growth and described as the reason for continued sales growth at retail giant WH Smiths by Business Insider. Moreover with 59% of adults in Britain experiencing more stress than they did 5 years ago, according to the Mental Health foundation, experts claim that mindfulness is enhanced while enabling those who colour to spend welcome time away from screens of any kind. Your Colourful World connects the desire to creatively record trips with the need for relaxation between trips, making the excitement of the bucket list items to come even more alluring.

“Colouring their destinations is a mindful way of remembering and showing up destinations they are yet to see,” says Suzanne.
The My Colourful World map is printed on quality uncoated paper with patterned oceans illustrated with sea life. Borders are shown incorporating historical landmarks and a smattering of inspirational travel quotes, making the map ideal for colouring with pencils, crayons, felt tips or other markers of choice. It is an ideal gift item and stocking filler for the Marco Polo’s among friends and family or anyone bitten by the travel bug.

The 'My Colourful Word' Map is available at £12.00 plus postage and packaging online at Your Colourful World with free postage on orders in excess of £20.00.

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The My Colourful World Map is available online at Your Colourful World:

Statistics on the Growth of Colouring in books for adults can be found at Business Insider:

For information on Adult Colouring as a stress buster Huff Post Lifestyle:

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Established in October 2016 by Suzanne Mountford, Your Colourful World Ltd combines a passion for travel, a love of all things creative and years of project management and marketing experience gained in the corporate world.

Our first product is the ‘My Colourful World’ map, a way of representing your individual colourful journey across this breath-taking beautiful and colourful planet.
Working with a talented illustrator we have created a really fun and creative product which at the same time has a practical purpose of recording personal journeys around the globe.

Having launched with this map, we are now working on stage 2 with more creative, travel inspired products to follow. Watch this space!